AP Computer Science-A Daily Lessons - syllabus

January 2018
Date Warm-up Class Activities Objectives. SWBAT: Homework
go to second semester HW#18 Complete Edhesive lessons on classes and constructors. (Unit 5 lessons 3-4) Due 1/29
23 What prints: String[] far={"half","way", "there"};
for(String s:far)
if (s.length()>3)
  1. Quarterly Exam
  • Answer AP style multiple choice questions
22 How is a class in Java like a blueprint?
  1. Test and review code from quiz 4. Work alone or in pairs.
  2. Finish review for 2nd quarter Term 1 exam: for each/arraylists and all old material. Kahoot
  • Combine arraylists, loops, logic and recursion.
19 How is a class in Java like a recipe?
  1. Make up QUIZ if needed.
  2. Review for 2nd quarter Term 1 exam.
  • Review first semester
HW #17 Complete Edhesive lesson on for-each. Due 1/22
18 What is something you cannot do with for each?
  1. Do Edhesive Term 2, Unit 5 Lesson 3 on classes, the basics. MANY OF YOU DID NOT TURN IN NOTES WHICH ARE NOW LATE (See HW#16)
  2. We will review for the end of term 1 exam on Friday and do the test on Monday.
  • Define classes with instance variables and methods
17 Write the code to choose a random number from 10-20 inclusive.
  1. Review the for-each loop.
  2. QUIZ
  • Iterate a collecton with for each
16 What possible values are produced by Math.random()?
  1. For each loops: Presentation, worksheet
  2. Review for quiz tomorrow. logic, absolute value, random numbers, parameters and return types.
  3. if time, look at code for the Unit 5 lesson 2 coding exercise.

SENIORS: apply! Google internships.

Women in technology scholarships

If you have family in the Laurel area, consider a 6 week internship at Johns Hopkins

UMBC Bits and Bytes program February 18-19

12 What are 2 ways to locate something in an ArrayList?
  1. Discuss memory allocation for arrays and arraylists.
  2. Experiment with ArrayLists using this code
  • Use different ArrayList methods.

Does anybody have a parent who'd like to be part of the county CS PAC? It's next week 1/18, tell them to email me if they're interested.

HW #16 Hand in handwritten notes on classes, constructors, properties and methods. Define terms, and create your own example class similar to Book (not Coin) using the 3 videos in Term 2 Lesson 3. Due 1/16/18

STRONG SUGGESTION from our guest speaker: Join HackerRank and do a little every day.

11 Declare an ArrayList and add these integers: 7, 90
  1. Finish the Powerpoint ArrayList notes from yesterday
  2. Complete Term 2 lesson 1.
  • Write and trace code that uses ArrayLists.
10 Write a recursive method to sum all numbers up to n
public int sum(int n){ }
  1. Fill in notes using the powerpoint on Arraylists
  2. Plan the coding exercise for the ArrayList lesson in Edhesive
  • Declare, intialize, and maniuplate data in an ArrayList
9 ~ * ~ * ice day * ~ * ~
8 Rewrite the number 41 in binary, octal and hex.
  1. QUIZ.
  2. Make sure you can access Term 2 in Edhesive
  • Trace recursive methods
  • Define class, constructor, property and method in OOP
  ~ * ~ * snow days * ~ * ~
3 Fill in the next 2 numbers in the fibonacci series: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34
  1. Review Unit 4 for quiz Thursday.
  2. Trace the calls to solve fibonacci recursively. How many times is the method called to solve f(5)?
  3. Solve the classic fibonacci series and discuss effiiciency.
  4. Finish Edhesive Lesson 37 Recursion
  • Discuss recursion scenarios
  • Solve a multi-call recursion problem

What are all the calls to recur when the command recur(7) is executed?

method recur(int r){
else System.out.print(r);
  1. Review Unit 4 for quiz Thursday: vocabulary, overload, parameters, tracing recursion
  2. Try techniques to trace recursion. Solve the classic fibonacci series and discuss effiiciency.
  • Review overloaded methods, parameters
  • Accurately trace recursive methods

Tomorrow: more recursion tracing, review HW#15, Finish Edhesive Lesson 37 Recursion

December 2017
Date Warm-up Class Activities Objectives. SWBAT: Homework
What is output from recur(5);?
method recur(int r){
else System.out.print(r);
  1. End of year review
  • review

happy new year

HW #15 CodingBat Custom Page #2 (easier problems) due 1/2/18


STRONG SUGGESTION from our guest speaker: Join HackerRank and do a little every day.

21 Define recursion.
  1. NOTE: you will need to be able to trace recursive code on the exam, not write it!
  2. Trace recursive methods.
  3. Do problems 14, 16 and 18 in the sample exam
  • Trace recursive methods.
20 What code will count all the e's in a word?
  1. Recursively count all the e's in a word.
  2. Do Codingbat countHi and count7 using recursion.
  3. Do Edhesive Lesson 36 Intro to Recursion
  • Use recursion to solve problems
19 Write the code to print every odd number in int[] x = {1,2,3,4,6,7,12}
  1. Discuss recursion. Do factorial and bunnyEars together in Codingbat
  2. Finish Edhesive Lesson 35 Overloaded Methods, and work on Lesson 36.
  • Design recursive solutions
18 Convert 375 octal into binary and hex
  1. Work on Edhesive Lesson 35 Overloaded Methods
  • Call and write overloaded methods

Consider UMBC center for women in technology event in February.

15 What is "Friday".compareTo("friday");
  1. Review overloaded methods until our guest speaker arrives. Have good questions to ask.
  • Describe how overloaded methods are called.
  • Professor Jamieson of St. Mary's College of MD
HW #14 CodingBat CustomPage#1
14 Are these expressions always equivalent?
  1. We will have a guest tomorrow: a CS professor from St. Mary's College. Do this paper about CS majors and think of good questions to ask.
  2. Start Edhesive Lesson 35 Overloaded Methods
  • Compare college CS programs.
  • Write overloaded methods.
13 Write the code to find the first blank space in the last String in an array of Strings. String[] ss = new String[x];
  1. Go over the middle initial problem.
  2. Look at return types, simple and object parameters. Copy the code, run and explain. NOTE: Strings are IMMUTABLE.
  3. Edhesive Lesson 33 Primitive and Class Parameters.
  • Compare simple and object method parameters.
12 Given s="eight days"; What is "holiday".substring(s.indexOf("t"));
  1. Ask good questions and work together on answers to
    1. CodingBat CustomPage#1
    2. Assignment #6 Merge Arrays.
  • Break multi step problems into solvable chunks.
11 Convert 2B4 hex into binary and octal.
  1. Review options in cybersoftware careers.
  2. Look again at CodingBat CustomPage#1 problems
  3. Revisit Assignment #6 Merge Arrays.
  4. Work on Edhesive Lesson 33.
  • Did you do any old work? Don't just tell me about it, WRITE IT DOWN and hand it in!
8 Convert 41 to binary, octal and hex
  1. Work on Merge Arrays together. Solve some smaller problems.
  2. Look together at CodingBat CustomPage#1
  • Solve subproblems to solve a bigger problem.

HW#13 Edhesive Unit 4 Lesson 34: return methods (note, coding bat was moved to next week)

Hour of code and speaker on the 7th

7 Give String h="hour"; String c="code"
What is h.compareTo(c)
  1. Review quiz.
  2. Hour of code speaker: Vincent Liu Northrop Grumman
  • Describe intern and job opportunites with what is new in CS.
6 Write the code to display the first 5 numbers in the array A
  1. Do this quick review of arrays and loops.
  2. Quiz
  3. Work on Assignment #6 merge arrays problem
  • Demonstrate understanding of conversion, arrays and strings


5 What are the binary and octal of 77?
  1. Review for tomorrow's quiz. (includes binary/hex/octal)
  2. Review Assignment #6 merge
  • Call methods with both primitive and object parameters.
4 Given String s = "winter is coming"; What is s.indexOf(" ",7);
  1. Do this review in OneNote Unit 2 Strings & Arrays or print on paper for Wednesday's quiz. Show for points tomorrow. Use your notes and lessons.
  2. Work on Edhesive Assignment #6 Merge Arrays. Have questions to ask tomorrow if not finished.
  • Review string and array code
  • Combine string and array code for problem solving
1 Write the code to switch the string in a[1] with the string in a[2]
  1. Do the worksheet on Strings.
  2. Finish lesson 30 in Edhesive
  3. Start Assignment #6 Merge Arrays.
  • Evaluate and modify arrays
HW#12 Edhesive Unit 4 Lessons 31 and 32 on methods and parameters by Monday 12/4
November 2017
Date Warm-up Class Activities Objectives. SWBAT: Homework
30 Given String p = "snowdays" what is p.chartAt(p.indexOf('d')/2)
  1. Do CodingBat String-1 Middle3 together.
  2. Work on lesson 30 in Edhesive
  • Find characters, substrings and indices in strings
HW#12 Edhesive Unit 4 Lessons 31 and 32 on methods and parameters by Monday 12/4
29 Given String s="Wednesday", what is s.substring(5)+s.substring(2,3)?
  1. Plan the coding activity in Lesson 30 together: remove blank spaces in each word in an array of Strings.
  2. Work on lesson 30 in Edhesive
  • Process arrays of Strings
28 Convert 432 octal to binary and then hex.
  1. Do the coding activity in Lesson 29 arrays of strings accessing methods together.
  2. Complete lesson 29 in Edhesive
  • Use methods on arrays of Strings.
27 Convert 101010110 to octal and hex
  1. Do this short number conversion
  2. Write the code that says " if the remainder of x divided by y > 1" in a way that it cannot crash.
  3. Do this fizzOdd problem together.
  4. Review and complete the FizzBuzz problem and how it works with arrays of Strings.
  • Convert between bases
  • Write crash proof conditions
  • Manipulate arrays of Strings
21 Convert 1001010001 to decimal and hex
  1. Binary vs Octal vs Hex vs Decimal
  2. Can you reverse the boolean expressions in this conditional? if (nums.length > 0 && nums[0] == nums[nums.length-1])
  3. Work through the FizzBuzz problems:
  4. Complete Edhesive Lesson 28 Arrays of Strings.
  • Convert from binary, octal, hex and decimal
  • Declare and use arrays of Strings
HW#11: Edhesive Unit 3 Term 1: Lesson 1011 - Binary & Octal by Monday 11/27 7am
20 Write the code to ask if the first letter in the String s is a blank space
  1. Watch the CodingBat Java String introduction (6 minutes long)
  2. Do codingbat array-1 sameFirstLast 
  3. Do codingbat array-1 commonEnd 
    (plan to see one of these problems on the next quiz).
  4. Complete Assignment #5 Pivot Strings. here is an outline if it would be helpful.
  • Compare elements of arrays.
  • Disassemble and rebuild strings
17 Write code to swap the first and last letter of a string.
  1. Review Quiz #3, earn back points.
  2. Create a Codingbat account. Put in my email for Teacher Share in prefs. dOGrady-Cunniff@ccboe.com
  3. Do String problems in CodingBat together:
    doubleChar   countHi 
  4. Continue Assignment #5 Pivot Strings.
  • Manipulate strings
  • Write methods with return values
HW#10: Edhesive Unit 3 Lessons 25. 26 and 28 due Monday 11/20 7am
16 What is "Ready2Go".toUpperCase();
  1. Do Quiz #3 in Edhesive
  2. Complete Edhesive lesson 27
  3. Start Assignment #5 Pivot Strings.
  • modify strings
  • test strings
15 What is "try".compareTo("to get this right");
  1. Review for Quiz #3 tomorrow. (.equals, .compareTo, for loops indexing String and Array, charAt, Array contents, toLowerCase, toUpperCase)
  2. Complete Edhesive Lesson 27 by tomorrow
  3. Complete Assignment #4 Alien Message Board by the end of the week.
  • Quiz review
  • Work on code
14 What is "a".compareTo("b") and why?
  1. Review Lessons 21-24 for points with review questions in Kahoot#2. USE YOUR REAL NAME TO GET POINTS
  2. Go over Lesson 26-27 concepts together.
  3. Complete Assignment #4 Alien Message Board by the end of the week.
  • Use algorithms with arrays. Evaluate searching methods
13 Write a for loop to write out the contents of String[ ] s = new String[4]; backwards.
  1. Review Lessons 21-24 with review questions in Kahoot.
  2. Work on Assignment #4 Alien Message Board
  • Review strings, truth tables, logic, loops and arrays.
9 Write the code to set the first item in the array int[] a = int[15]; to zero. Work on Edhesive lesson 24 about for loops through the review questions
  • Use loops with data structures like String and Array
HW #9:
Edhesive Unit 3 Lessons 21-23 not completed in class due Monday 11/13 7am
8 What is the logic equlvalent using DeMorgan's to !( x || y ) Finish Edhesive lessons 22-23
7 Write the binary and decimal for the hex number 1B
  1. Edhesive through lesson 21 goes on 1st quarter.
  2. Take notes together on arrays
  3. Plan Assignment #4 Alien Message Board together.
  4. Work on Edhesive lessons 22-23
  • Declare and use arrays.
  • Manipulate strings
6 What values of x will cause this code to crash?
if( (x%10!=0 && x/(x%10) >5)
  1. Go over Strings and String functions. null, scope, primitives, API and classes. Put your answers in Class Notes in OneNote
  2. Plan code together using Strings.
  3. Do Edhesive lessons 21and 22
  • Work with strings as objects
  • Use String functions
3 Give an example of a string.
  1. My apologies, Unit 3 is now available. or not.... please do Do Edhesive lesson 21
  2. REMEMBER ALL CODING ADVITIES ARE DUE TODAY. Homework due end of the weekend.
  • Catch up on any old work. Earn back points.
HW#8: EdhesiveUnit 2 Lessons 17, 18 and 19 due Monday 11/6 7am
2 What is a short circuit-evaluation?
  1. Do Edhesive lesson 21
  2. Earn back quiz points: Log into CodeHS ( Clever.) and do Quiz#2. There are 25 questions. Write down and hand in a separate piece of paper that says WHY each answer is the right answer
  • Catch up on any old work. Earn back points.
1 What is the binary and hex equivalent of the number 14 in decimal?
  1. Archie needs to take the Exam before people can do make-up points (he was the only one absent) If he is in class, you can give him the code and then email me (dogrady-cunniff@ccboe.com) and let me know everybody has taken the exam.
  2. Archie, you are on your honor to work on your own, and not use notes when taking the exam.
  3. In the meantime, Complete lesson 20 in Edhesive. PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE NOTES ON WHAT YOU ARE LEARNING IN EACH LESSON so you have something to review for each quiz or test. You have Java notes (the folded papers we started earlier in the year, if you can't find yours, get a new sheet of paper and fold in in half and keep it in your folder.) Add notes for Lesson 20. It doesn't have to be very detailed, just the most important things to remember.
  • Use flag variables to inform loops
October 2017
Date Warm-up Class Activities - Pacing Guide Objectives. SWBAT: Homework
31 What is the binary and decimal equivalent of A in hex?
  1. Finish the end of the Review for Quarterly Exam
  2. Take the Quarterly Exam.
  3. All of the Edhesive code exercises and assignments will be used as a project gradc for quarter 1. Any late assignments (Lessons 1-16 and Assignments 1-2) can be done for half credit this week.
Mr Wathen will be here for the next 3 days while I am at a meeting. All work will be on OneNote and mrs-o-c.com each day and will be due the day it is assigned unless otherwise noted. HW#8: EdhesiveUnit 2 Lessons 17, 18 and 19 due Monday 11/6 7am
30 if !(a>b) which of these are true: b<=a, a<=b, b>=a, a>=b, b<a, a<b
  1. Do the binary conversion program and show results
  2. Review hex and DeMorgan's together
  3. Review for Quarterly Exam #1tomorrow
  • Simplify binary as hex
  • Use DeMorgan's Law with inequalities
27 Go to room S208
(free warmup points!)
  1. Presentation on DeMorgan's Laws 
  2. Review logic tables exercise in OneNote Unit 1
  3. Develop hints to get 100% on problems like the ones on pages 70-80 in the AP study guide working in pairs.
  • Use deMorgan's law and truth tables to accurately simplify Boolean expressions
  • Develop strategies to answer AP style Java questions.
HW#7: Edhesive Unit 2 lessons 13-14 due Monday 10/30 7am
26 What classwork did you complete yesterday?
  1. Either complete yesterday's classwork below or do the virtual reality in training current event reflection.
  • Describe connections to technology and current events in virtual reality.
25 What value of A will allow a short circuit evaluation of A && B?
  1. Do 16: DeMorgan in Edhesive .
  2. Do logic tables exercise in OneNote Unit 1
  • Use deMorgan's law and truth tables to simpleify Boolean expressions
24 Write this in Java: if it is not true that (x>0 and y>x) print "oops"
  1. Review the beginning of else, boolean and truth tables together in Edhesive . (the rest is for homework)
  2. Complete a truth table together.
  3. Look at short circuit evaluations and additional examples together. Do Lesson 15
  • Write complex conditional statements.
  • Analyze conditional statements with truth tables
23 What is the binary number for 9?
  1. Reminder: Homework 6 was due today.
  2. Review simple if , if decisions and else.
  3. Assignment 2 due Thursday.
  • Use conditional statements
  • Use Boolean logic
20 What decimal value does the binary number 110 represent?
  1. Play the binary game.
  2. Finish change machine. Paste working code into OneNote.
  3. Develop Assignment 2 together: Time Converter. Plan in OneNote
  • Convert numbers between decimal and binary
  • Design programs to calculate values using the design process, div and mod.
Edhesive Unit 2 lessons 11-12 due Monday 10/23 7am
19 Why do roundoff errors occur?
  1. Quick overview of binary.
  2. Build a change machine together. Plan in OneNote
  • Describe causes of imprecision in computer computations.
  • Design programs to calculate values using the design process, div and mod.
18 Generate a random number from 1 to 5 inclusive.
  1. Do Edhesive Lesson 10: Roundoff error.
  • Allow for errors in computer roundoff
17 Given int z=7; what is the value after z--;z--;z++;
  1. Quiz (\t means tab)
  2. Go over random numbers together
  3. Finish Edhesive Lesson 9: Math function Coding Activity
  • Generate random numbers within a certain range.
16 Given int size=42; What equation will tell how many feet are in size inches?
  1. Math functions: pow, sqrt, abs and random . (quick reference)
  2. Quiz review for tomorrow:
  3. Finish Edhesive Lesson 9: Math functions Fast Start and Review questions.
  • Review variable names, Use built in Math functions
13 If z = 22, what would z/=4 be?
  1. Complete Edhesive Lesson 8 string and number output.
  2. IF YOU DID NOT COMPLETE Assignment 1: Movie Ratings due Oct 5, you MUST come in during PRIDE time by Wednesday for help or get a 0 on the assignment. (It must be done in Dr. Java if not done previously)
  • Combine calculations with output and strings.
HW#5: Edhesive Unit 1 lessons 4-5 due Monday 10/16 7am

x +=1 means x = x + 1;
What will this code print given int x=3, int y=-7? 

while ( x>-10 ){
   x += 3;
   x += x%7;
   x = x + y;
   System.out.print(x + " ");

  1. Pair programming exercise. Use Dr. Java to do the coding activities in Lessons 6 and 7.
  • Use the new IDE and blended learning system to download, code, test and then upload coding assignments.

NOTE: You should be spending at least 1 hour a week outside of class working on AP Java lessons and practices.

11 Write the equation to show the number in the 10's place for a 2 digit number.
  1. Long class today because of PSAT.
  2. Review Mod and Quiz Review. Quiz will be next Monday.
  3. Use Dr. Java to create a program to solve the warmup.
  4. Figure out how to use the Dr. Java debugger.
  • Use the new IDE, Dr. Java
10 What is the output:
for(int s=15;s>10;s--)
System.out.print(s + "\n" + s%2);
  1. Review the design process and stages of development (code/compile/run/debug).
  2. Do the Mod and Quiz review in OneNote Unit 1
  3. Experience a shared VR experience.
  4. What support/help do people need who are far behind in Edhesive?
  • Review mod, loops, print,
6 What is the answer to 38 % 8 % 5?
  1. Investigate some advances in VR and how Java can create VR worlds, as well as harware/software advances in new 3d scanners.
  2. Complete lesson 7 on mod including the coding assignment
  3. HOMEWORK #4 DUE at the break of dawn Monday morning.
  • Discuss advances in VR that can be programmed.
  • Program using modular operators.

HW #4:

Complete all Edhesive activities for points in Unit 1 lessons 1-3
due Monday 10/9 7am

Need help with hw? Come during PRIDE time

5 What is a widening cast?
  1. Review debugging and submitting assignments in Edhesive.
  2. Review and plan for Assignment 1: Movie Ratings together. due today, 10 pts
  3. Do Lesson 7: Modular Division assignments for points. (should be a review)
  • Create an IPO program with varied data types.
  • Use modular division to find remainders.
4 Write the correct cast for int x = 7.5;
  1. Review casting, formal and informal.
  2. Complete Edhesive Term 1: Lesson 6 - Review Questions 5 pts
  3. Term 1: Lesson 6 - Coding Activity 3 pts
  4. Assignment 1: Movie Ratings due Oct 5, 10 pts
  • Review casting in a strongly typed language.
  • Download template code, complete, and upload to Edhesive.
3 Write a for loop that prints:
  1. Ice breaker: who is in the room?
  2. Talk about casting. Do the program in Edhesive with the video in Term 1: lesson 6.
  • Change the way information is stored by casting.
2 What is the value of double x if x = 3 / 4 * 12 + 2.5 * 5 - 15 % 6
  1. Review FOR Loops.
  2. Megan, Mike, Jared, Abby, Haley and Gavin need to join the Edhesive class (see 9/29)
  3. Discuss professional honor codes and Edhesive.
  4. Complete the Edhesive introduction. Take the honor code survey.
  5. Review materials in Lessons 1-5.
  • Describe conventions for blended learning environments.
  • Submit assignments through Edhesive
September 2017
Date Warm-up Class Activities Objectives. SWBAT: Homework
29 What is the output:
for(int s=8;s<10;s++)
System.out.print(s + "\n" + s%5);
  1. Type your slope program into CodeHS ( Clever.) as a Java console program and make it work.
  2. Go to Edhesive.com and click SIGN UP.
    Create an account with a real email address.
    Section token is 2a7239
    Click email confirmation to complete sign up.
  3. Regain quiz points if needed: show completion of For Loop review, operators,
  • Join class account
  • Predict the output of for loops
  • Use math operators on different kinds of variables.
28 What is the output:
for(int x=9;x>6;x--)
  1. Review quiz.
  2. Do the worksheet on loops and output
  3. Complete required lessons in CodeHS ( Clever.).
  • Review Java for loops and output
27 Describe a way that you demonstrate integrity.
  1. Quiz on writing arithmetic expressions, basic for loops, I/P/O programs.
  2. Start the lesson on While Loops in CodeHS ( Clever.).
  • Demonstrate understanding of for loops, arithmetic expressions and I/P/O programs.
26 According to the syllabus, how much is an asssignment worth if it is one day late?
  1. Review for loops. Look at AP types of for loop questions.
  2. Review HW#2
  3. Review arithmetic expressions
  • Review loops, expressions and code design patterns for I/P/O, decision trees.
25 According to the syllabus, what percent of the class grade is based on product?
  1. Do the section on For Loops in CodeHS ( Clever.).
  2. Answer questions in OneNote : Unit 1 intro : For Loops
  3. Let me know tomorrow if there were any challenges or issues.
  • Write for loops in Java
  • Read and interpret for loops
22 What's the difference between print and println?
  1. Return signed syllabi
  2. Do the problems on Operators
  3. Homework #3: due next Friday 9/29: Complete Basic Java up through Comparison Operators in CodeHS ( Clever.).
  • Modify code with arithmetic expressions.
21 What's the difference between a syntax and a logic error?
  1. Review the syllabus. Take home and return signed.
  2. Do this worksheet together (here are sample programs developed in class)
  3. Do the Arithmetic expressions lesson in CodeHS ( Clever.)
  • Develop programs for input/output/processing
  • Do math with mixed variable types
20 Which is bigger, a class or method?
  1. Discuss Eclipse/Java projects. Run programs from yesterday.
  2. Copy this code into Eclipse. Fix all 8 errors. Run the program and paste a screenshot of the output into OneNote : Unit 1 intro : Conversation program
  3. Respond to comments in OneNote: Class Notes : CodeHS Basic Java
  • Run programs in Eclipse
  • Fix syntax, runtime and logic errors
19 Define algorithm.
  1. Discuss homework problems.
  2. Explore the code 2.3.3. UserInput
  3. Presentation: real input in Java. Take notes.
  4. Check to see what version of Eclipse we have
  5. Copy the code from the presentation. Create an Eclipse workspace on H:, create a new project,
  • Read different kinds of inputs.
  • Create a Java program in Eclipse
18 What are the 3 simple variable types needed for the AP exam?
  1. What is computational thinking? What is the big picture of algorithm development in CS, humanities, math and science?
  2. How are VR programs created? View the VR coure in CodeHS.

College Fair, majority of class out.

  • Define computational thinking and give examples of complex algorithms
  • Describe the types of code used in creating VR worlds.
14 What does int x = 5; mean?
(describe what is happening inside the computer when it is given that command)
  1. Consider opportunities: Congressional App Challenge, Bebras Challenge, UMBC CWIT, RiseUp4CS, Aspirations, Ladies Explore CS,
  2. Go over a tricky problem together: 28-2
  3. Add to notes, what are the limits for the different variable types? What happens when you mix variable types? Discuss arithmetic expressions.
  4. Do user input in CodeHS ( Clever.)
  5. Remember: Homework #1due tomorrow
  6. Homework #2: Write out the code for these programs on paper.
  • Consider CS opportunities.
  • Find bitsize and maximum values for Java variables.
  • Debug code using functions with parameters.
  • Prompt users to input values for variables
13 What is the command to print "hello" in Java?
  1. Take notes on the kinds of variables we need to know in Java.
  2. Look together at the First Integer Program. Look at how the computer allocates resources and the process of running a program.
  3. Log in through CodeHS or Clever. Do the section on variables.
  • Declare, initialize, and print variables
  • Describe how a program is managed internally.
12 Draw the flowchart for:
if (you miss a class) do the warmup when you return.
  1. Explore the JavaScript behind the puzzles for different kinds of conditions and loops. Look at page 1 of AP Java language features
  2. Join CodeHS classroom. Do section 1) printing in Java. Add notes to your Java book.
  • Print in Java
11 What is the flowchart symbol for a conditional?
  1. Work as a row team to draw out the flowchart that decides what the perfect way is to shake up your summer
  2. Develop algorithms together to solve puzzles 19-4 and 24-11. LOOK FOR PATTERNS!
  • Draw a multistep flowchart
  • Develop efficient algorithms by looking for patterns
8 What symbols mark the beginning and end of a section of Java code?
  1. Write code and flowcharts together for different kinds of conditionals.
  2. Write pseudocode and flowcharts to describe algorithms to solve these 2 conditional/loop problems. Farmer6 and Minecraft12
  3. HOMEWORK #1: Complete at least 3 puzzles at each puzzle level from 21-29 (excluding 26) of the Code.org Express course. (variables, for loops, functions)
  • Draw flowcharts to demonstrate algorithms
  • Diagram solutions to logic problems using conditions and loops
7 What symbol marks the end of a Java statement?
  1. Types of errors in coding
  2. Comments in Java
  3. Nested ifs in Java
  4. Creating flowcharts for complex logic.
  5. School Lesson: The Warrior Way: Responsibility in Java
  • List different kinds of computer errors
  • Demonstrate how to add single line and multi-line comments in Java
  • Created nested if structures
  • Draw conditionals in flowcharts
  • Review school expectations on Responsibility
6 What are the 2 classroom rules?
  1. Write your first name on your name tent in large print. (Use the name you want to be called: first name or nick name)
  2. Write and decorate your first name on your folder
  3. Discuss the basic software design process: understand the problem, brainstorm/research solutions, devise a solution, code, debug, analyze and improve.
  4. Review Code.org Express course challenges, vocabulary, and concepts together. Log in through Clever.
  5. School Lesson: The Warrior Way: Respect... in Java
  • Apply steps in software design
  • Debug and code logical problems
  • Create a Java class with a main method to review school expectations on Respect.
5 Define computer science in your own words.
  1. Fill out index card with your schedule
  2. Introduction to class presentation
    Save notes for tomorrow.
  3. What is AP Computer Science about?
  4. Join the Code.org Express course and try at least 3 puzzles in 3 different levels. http://studio.code.org/join/YTPTQS. Log in through Clever. Take notes on vocabulary and concepts.
  • Describe basic class structure and rules
  • Describe basic classroom procedures

M review

T exam


Th classes - both lessons.

Review old free response solutions http://www.skylit.com/beprepared/fr.html

Arraylists are on edhesive index


Write the code to ask if the first letter in the String s is a blank space

Next week

  1. Do codingbat array-1 sameFirstLast together
  2. Do codingbat array-1 commonEnd on your own.


Product grade. from Edhesive.

play hexinvaders http://www.hexinvaders.com/

HW due Nov 3 17: while loops . 18: tracing code and counting iterations 19: More loops

in class: Do Assignment 3 planning together. Due next Tuesday.

W: 20: flag variables deMorgan's practice https://runestone.academy/runestone/static/JavaReview/Conditionals/cDeMorgans.html

Th: 21: strings as class types.

F: 22: string functions exam 2 review.

M: exam 2

HW#7 complete lessons 13 (else) and 14(Boolean and truth tables) on your own

National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week Nov 13-18


prod.lifejourney.us class code 5pxcnvg

Review hw#2 (advanced students make codingbat problems) and for loop/print

HW #4: Complete all Edhesive activities for points in Unit 1 lessons 1-3
due Monday 10/8 7am

Homework #3: due next Friday 9/29: Complete Basic Java up through
Comparison Operators in CodeHS ( Clever.).

Homework #2: Write out the code for these programs on paper.

HOMEWORK #1: Complete at least 3 puzzles at each puzzle level from 21-29 (excluding 26)
of the Code.org Express course. (variables, for loops, functions)


be sure to use this http://interactivepython.org/runestone/static/JavaReview/index.html