Use your skills to solve these challenges:

  1. Meter measure
    1. Make the robot go forward, back and forward from one end of a meter stick to the other as accurately as possible with a complete 360 degree spin at each end.
  2. Drop, stop and roll
    1. The robot starts on the table, rolls and drops to the bin, then rolls forward and drops to the floor.
    2. When it reaches the bin it blinks one color of light
    3. When it reaches the floor it blinks its lights another color and makes a sound.
  3. Bump back
    1. The robot bumps into an obstacle from 1 meter away, comes back halfway, goes back and bumps again, comes back half of that distance, then bumps one more time and stops
    2. Each time it bumps it says something and its light blinks
  4. Martain Mission
    1. knock over all of the enemies without touching any friends on the grid.
  5. Circuitous Maze
    1. navigate the maze between the crates starting on the starting point and ending on the ending point.
  6. Morse Code message
    1. send a message in Morse code.
  7. Widening Circles
    1. make a spiral that starts out tiny and grows gradually, with at least 3 full rotations to be at least 3 times bigger.