After the presentation Algorithm development you should be able to:

STEP 1: Problem description: Jeroo 1 starts out at 0,0 with a single flower. Jeroo 2 starts out with a single flower. There is one net on the island. Direct Jeroo 1 to give its flower to Jeroo 2 . Then, Jeroo 2 must disable the net by tossing the flower on it, then plant a flower in its place and move to its ending position. ** What is missing in this problem description? ** see diagrams below and fill in missing information for step 1.

STEP 2: Analysis: diagram the problem (already complete, use this information to figure out what's missing in step 1 above)

Starting positions Ending positions
Jeroo 1 (facing north initially)
Jeroo 2 (facing east initially)

STEP 3: Write the high-level algorithm








STEP 4: Write the detailed algorithm

STEP 5: Review of solution: