Notes for Jeroo Code VB01

Writing Jeroo programs

    1. How many Jeroos can you create in 1 program? _____
    2. What is the one sub you MUST have in your program? ______
    3. Write the code to create a new Jeroo named Neo
    4. Write the code to make Neo hop one space forward.
    5. Write the code to make Neo turn right.
    6. Write the code to make Neo hop forward 5 times .

    Label the controls used to run a program by writing the correct letter under each number.

    1. run one step
    2. stop
    3. go back to the beginning
    4. run continuously
    5. pause

What language setting should you select when you run a program in Jeroo? __________________

Using the island on the right, What is the logic error in the code?


  1. Do the preparation for Lab 1 on paper.
  2. Do Lab 1

Top Grade

Write a program to get a Jeroo from one end of your original letter island to the other using AT LEAST 8 programming steps. Add a comment to your code with your name in it and print the code. Save it as yourNameLetterIsland (the programming code will be saved with .jsc for jeroo source code as the extension. the island will be saved with .jev for jeroo environment as the extension so it is safe to name the island the the program with the same name)

note: (comments start with a single quote just like in visual basic)