Notes for Jeroo introduction

Jeroo is an ______________ oriented programming language.

If you want to install Jeroo onto your home computer for free go to __________________

The story behind the Jeroos. A jeroo is an animal similar to a ______________ that lives on ________________ but can't _____________. They pick ________________ and try to avoid __________________.

(0,0) (0,1)



















The northwest corner of the island is location ________

What is the location marked by (?) _________

Draw an arrow in location (2,4) that points to the north.

    The 6 things a Jeroo can do are:
  1. ________________
  2. ________________
  3. ________________
  4. ________________
  5. ________________
  6. ________________
    3 steps to creating a program in Jeroo
  1. ________________
  2. ________________
  3. ________________

Creating the environment. Identify all the icons by writing the correct letter under each number.

  1. Save the island layout
  2. Set nets on the island
  3. Create a new island layout
  4. Quit
  5. Print the island layout
  6. Plant flowers
  7. Open the Jeroo language summary
  8. Clear the island layout
  9. Change how fast the jeroos move when the program executes.
  10. Add water to the island
  11. Save the island layout as a new file
  12. Open an island file


Activity: Start Jeroo and design your own original letter island.


Design an island that uses water, nets and flowers to create an attractive design based your initials. Save as yourNameLetterIsland and print your island design.