Tricky IF statements

The hardest part of writing an IF statement is finding the condition you need.

For example: The obstacles that a Jeroo must avoid are nets and water. If a Jeroo who is alone on an island needs to know if it's safe to hop ahead then the conditional statement needed to move ahead is:

Fill in the conditions below. The first example has been filled in for you

You want to know: the condition you need is:
1. If it is safe to hop on an island without other Jeroos
if(!isWater(AHEAD) &&
2. If either the Jeroo named tia or the Jeroo named jae has any flowers.
3. If a Jeroo who is facing South is standing in the SouthWest corner of the island
4. If there is another Jeroo on either side of this Jeroo.


















Because if there is a flower ahead, it is not clear, but it is safe to hop

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