The Rescue Mission: A cooperative venture

There are 4 Jeroos: 3 helpers start at the outside corners, one is trapped in the middle at (11,11). They are on an island (Rescue1, Rescue2 or Rescue3).

The 3 helper Jeroos take turns either searching, picking all the flowers in a row of flowers, or disabling a row of nets. They're not very effiicient and they tire easily, they can only accomplish one task each turn. The trapped Jeroo attempts to escape and reach the water every time it's her turn. None of the Jeroos have any flowers to start with.

The program keeps going until the trapped Jeroo reaches the water.

Break the problem down into the smallest logical methods possible, test your methods then try to solve the whole problem. Try these methods: moveForward, attemptEscape, pickFlowers, disableNets
The main program should be something like this:

  • Create 3 jeroos with no flowers in 3 different corners of an island
  • Create 1 jeroo with no flowers at (11,11) in the middle
  • while the trapped Jeroo is not at the water:
    • helper1 try to help out
    • helper2 try to help out
    • helper3 try to help out
    • trapped jeroo try to escape


Good luck.