Notes to OOP features of the Jeroo language

Object oriented programming defines objects

Classes = definitions of objects When you create a new object it is _______________.

A class describes 3 things:

  1. What kind of _______________ is in an object
  2. How to make a ______ object of that class (constructor)
  3. The _____________ of an object (the actions it can perform)

Syntax is important!
Jeroo andy = new Jeroo(2,5,SOUTH,3); andy is an _________ , Jeroo is the _________

Sending messages to objects

We “talk” to objects to tell them what to do. This is called _________________________to the object

A message looks like this: object . method ( extra information )

Messages or methods are used to:

Using OOP syntax: Rewrite the following English statements as object oriented messages

Vocabulary Review (watch out! the order is mixed up!)