The Obstacle Course islands.

A very peculiar obstacle course is laid out.

  1. A Jeroo starts out in the middle of the south end of the island at location 23,12 facing north and travels North until it finds a flower.
  2. It picks all the flowers it can find in a row while continuing North, then races past all the clear spaces until it arrives at a set of nets.
  3. The Jeroo continues it's Northward journey and disables all the nets that are in a row directly in front of it
  4. Once past the nets the Jeroo hops to the next flower and turns right if the space past the flower is a net, or turns left if the space past the flower is water
  5. The Jeroo finishes when it reaches the water at the east or west end of the island (it doesn't pick any flowers along the way on the North side).

BEFORE YOU PROGRAM fill in the detailed algorithms for these 4 methods

method hopToFlower(){
//keep hopping until a flower is ahead
method disableNets(){
// remove all nets in a row
method pickDirection(){
// turn right if the next space is a net, or turn left if the next space is water
method gotoWater(){
// keep hopping until water is ahead




method gotoNet( )
method pickFlowers( )





Fill in your own code for the incomplete methods

-- >

Your program should work for BOTH of these islands and any other similar island without any changes: