Zig Zag Lakes Lab

Use loops and methods to solve this problem.

Watch the video to see how the program works, read the problem description below.
Begin by writing an algorithm using loops, to plan your program.
Here is the planning sheet to fill in.
Your program must work on all 3 islands: ZigZagLakes.jev, ZigZagLakes2.jev and ZigZagLakes3.jev:

3 different possible islands

Place the first Jeroo at position (1,0), facing east, with no flowers.
Place a second Jeroo at position (22,22), facing west, with no flowers.

The first Jeroo should follow the trail of flowers around the lakes, going from the northwest to the southeast, picking each flower it finds along the way. It should stop after all flowers have been picked and pass them to the second Jeroo. The second Jeroo should then follow the trail of nets from the southeast to the northwest. This Jeroo will disable each net as it comes to it by tossing a flower on it, stopping at the shore. At the end of the program, the first Jeroo and second Jeroo should each do a spin (360-degree turn) to celebrate what they have accomplished.

Include any methods that you think are appropriate. Part of your grade depends on your choice of loops and methods.

• Name your program "yournameZigZag.jsc" (your name in front).
• Grade will be based on answering the questions on Edline, filling in the planning sheet, the program works and use of appropriate comments and indentation.