Jeroo Lab 1 (Basic)

  1. Create an island with 1 flower at location (3,2) [ Remember; that is row 3 column 2... but start counting at 0 ]
  2. Write a program that will create a Jeroo with your name
  3. Move the Jeroo until it is on top of the flower by hopping and turning
  4. Have the Jeroo pick the flower. ( Note: the Jeroo must be standing on top of the flower to pick it )
  5. Save as Lab1YourName. Have somebody check your program and fill out the TAG sheet. Then fill it out for the next person to finish.

Important information:

  1. Each time you start the Jeroo program you are automatically given a new, empty island. Use the flower maker (left click to create a flower, right-click to erase a flower) to put a flower at row 3 column 2. DON'T FORGET that you start counting at 0.
  2. All statements in the program have to be in the main method. To create a new Jeroo type:
    Jeroo yourname = new Jeroo( );
  3. Each time you want to do something you have to tell the program which object will be acting and what it will do.
    yourname.hop( ) ;
    yourname.pick( );
  4. The Jeroo has to be on top of the flower to pick it.

main method

Have another student fill in the TAG sheet for your program when you finish, then you fill it out for the next person.