Donkey Kong III
(Championship Skill)

Statement of the Problem
            Big Deal, so you rescued the Princess. So did everyone else in Jeroo land. Now show your superior skill with this challenge. Now that the noble Hero stands in the top corner with the princess, it is time to take her back to his castle to live happily ever after. Yes, you must load your previous Donkey Kong and now let’s see you get both the hero and the girl back safely side by side at his castle. Can you make enough methods to make sure she follows him safely back to his castle on the southern sea. The princess gets herself captured easily so the Hero must not leave her more than one level behind. So now that you have bragged about your skills in the land of the Jeroos, here is your chance to show your truly magnificent skills.

Islands: Kong1 through Kong8

      This problem is an original created by Louis Fleming of Andrews High School in Andrews Texas.