Donkey Kong II (Rescue the Princess ....Again  (Harder))

donkeykongStatement of the Problem
            Just when the Hero thought the Princess was safe, she has been carried off once more. This time not only is the Princess trapped behind a net but someone has left traps for our intrepid Hero. Our Hero must navigate his way to the top and using his one flower, release the princess and live happily ever after. Now he faces decoy nets and dead end traps. Ramps may be straight across the screen or at angles. A message smuggled to our hero says any nets that he sees when facing the east, are a trap. All other areas are water other than the single net that locks the princess away. Any net you encounter facing west must be removed for you to continue. If you find such a net - toss your flower on the net and a replacement flower will be behind it.  Nets you encounter while facing north, conceal a short cut to the Princess and you can use your flower to open the net and find more flowers. These shortcuts may also contain traps if you move hastily. Advance carefully lest you fall in the ocean and be lost forever. Will the princess be rescued or is she trapped forever? Beware of dead ends. Landing in the water means the Hero dies and the Princess stays trapped forever.

Major Programming Topics  Island Files
  1. cascaded if                                                                  
  2. recursion opportunity                                                   
  3. compound conditionals                                                
  4. Jeroo methods 
  5. mutiple objects                                                             
  • Kong5.jev
  • Kong6.jev
  • Kong7.jev
  • Kong8.jev

kong5 kong6kong4 kong8

      This problem is an original created by Louis Fleming of Andrews High School in Andrews Texas.