Donkey Kong Revisted

Statement of the Problem
            The 1980s game Donkey Kong involved a character trying to climb ladders and ramps to reach the top and rescue the princess while avoiding barrels being thrown at you. The fair princess has been sealed away behind a net. The Hero Jeroo must navigate his way to the top from the bottom level and using his one flower, release the princess and live happily ever after. Ramps may be straight across the screen or at angles. All other areas are water other than the single net that locks the princess away. Will the princess be rescued or is she trapped forever? Beware of dead ends. Landing in the water means the Hero dies alone.

Major Programming Topics  Island Files
  1. cascaded if                                                                  
  2. recursion opportunity                                                   
  3. compound conditionals                                                
  4. Jeroo methods                                                             
  • Kong1.jev
  • Kong2.jev
  • Kong3.jev
  • Kong4.jev

dk4 kong2 kong3 kong4

      This problem is an original created by Louis Fleming of Andrews High School in Andrews Texas.