Problem1: Loop Condition Obstacle Course Island. (islands: obstacle1, obstacle2)
Create these 4 methods to solve the obstacle course problem. Click here for details. The Jeroo starts at the center of the south side of the island , without flowers, and travels due north picking all flowers in its path, using them to break through the nets farther ahead. After the nets, it continues until another flower is discovered and stops on the flower. The Jeroo turns right if the space past the flower is a net, or turns left if the space past the flower is water. The the program ends when the Jeroo reaches the water at the east or west end of the island.

  • sub hopToFlower()
  • sub disableNets()
  • sub pickDirection()
  • sub gotoWater()

Problem2: Send Tiffany around Spiral island (islands: spiral1, spiral2, spiral3)
Use loops and conditions so that Tiffany can get all the way from the outside end(0,0) of each spiral island to the flower at the middle.


Statement of the Problem- The Betrothal (create your own islands)
Tom and Tammy are in love, and today’s the day that Tom is going to propose. According to custom, Tom must present Tammy with a flower as an official sign of his intentions. Tom lives in the extreme northwest corner of the island, and Tammy lives in the extreme northeast corner. The dividing river runs north and south, dividing the island roughly in the middle; the river is at least 5 cells away from the western and eastern edges of the island. The river, itself, is exactly two cells wide. Fortunately, for the lovers, there is a bridge somewhere to the south of their homes. Tom has asked Tammy to meet him at the middle of the bridge. While she suspects his motives, she doesn’t want to appear too anxious.
The purpose of this program is to have Tom and Tammy find the bridge and meet in the middle where Tom will give an engagement flower to Tammy. After he has given her the flower, each returns to its home and faces the home of its betrothed. Each Jeroo starts at its home, Tom at (0,0) and Tammy at (0,23). Each can start facing any direction. Tom starts with one special flower in his pouch.
A representative starting layout is shown here.

Challenging Variation
1. The bridge can be anywhere, (not including the very top row, this is an exception you do not have to allow for)