Jeroo Lab 3 (Basic) - Using methods

3a. Open the Island File named IslandN.jev

Write a program to get a Jeroo from the beginning (0,0) into the house of nets at the end

The jeroo must pick up the flower on the path, toss it into a net to get through the barrier and then go into the house.

Divide the program up into 3 original jeroo methods:

  • getFlower
  • pickAndToss
  • enterHouse

3b. A jeroo starts out at the beginning (0,0) with a pouch full of flowers (how many will you need?) on an empty island and plants flowers to form the letter "J" as shown.

Create a method called plant5 that plants 5 flowers in a row and use it twice in creating the "J".

3c. Create a Jeroo anywhere on NotInARow Island

It's mission is to rearrange the flowers by picking and planting so they are all in a row. Solve the problem as efficiently as possible by using a well-constructed method.

Not-in-a-Row Island


TG1. Create an empty island where a jeroo plants the letters OOP (Object Oriented Programming) written twice in flowers. Use methods as efficiently as possible. Call the program OOPMethods.
TG2. Design a symetrical island with obstacles and a jeroo in each corner, create methods to send all the jeroos to the middle and then back to the corners again in a dance.