Jeroo Lab 2b

The island after Elmo is finished.

LetterJ:Today’s Class Is Brought To You By The Letter “J”
Elmo starts at (0,0) with a pouch full of flowers (how many will he need?) on an empty island. Write a program to have Elmo plant flowers to form the letter "J" as shown. Save as LetterJ.

Lake Island . Beautifying Lake Island
Susan starts on Lake Island at location (4,13) facing SOUTH with 4 flowers in her pouch. Her task is to plant the flowers to make the island look like the one shown. (You can open LAKE ISLAND from your JEROO folder). Save as LakeIsland.


The Relay
Three Jeroos (you give them names) are practicing for the Santong Relays. The first Jeroo begins at (4,9) facing EAST. It must pick the flower and give it to the second Jeroo who begins at (7,13) facing NORTH. The second gives the flower to the third Jeroo who begins at (4,15) facing WEST. The third Jeroo must plant the flower at (3,16), run to (3,21) and stop. (Open the IslandRelay island file in your JEROO folder.) Save as Relay.

the course at the start of the race.
Initials. Create an empty island where a jeroo plants your initials written in flowers. Call the program MyInitials. (not these initials, your intials!)

Scavenger Hunt
Two Jeroos start at opposite ends of Long Island, one at (8,4) facing EAST, and one at (10,18) facing WEST. Each Jeroo is supposed to pick two flowers. The first one can be from anywhere along the edge of the island, and the second must be the one in the center. The first one to pick the center flower is declared the winner. There are a few rules to this scavenger hunt.
• The Jeroos can only turn LEFT
• The Jeroos must take turns, each doing only 1 thing in each turn: hop(), turn(LEFT), or pick().
• A Jeroo can only hop forward one space in its turn.
(Open the Long Island file in your JEROO folder.)

Predict which Jeroo will win the scavenger hunt. Save as ScavengerHunt.

Long Island at the start of the scavenger hunt.

Imagination Island
Design an original island with an original problem to solve. Write a description of your problem. Create an initial island and provide a solution to your problem. Save as Imagination.

Suggestion: Randomly distribute the problems to other students to solve.

Artistic Landscaping
Start with one or more Jeroos on an empty island. Each Jeroo begins with several flowers in its pouch (you decide how many). Have the Jeroos plant the flowers to form an interesting pattern. Save as Original.

Suggestion: Post the resulting designs for all to see. You might even want to have a design contest with various categories such as “most interesting”, “most complex”, or “most artistic”.