Jeroo Lab 1 (Basic)

  1. Create an island with 1 flower at location (3,2)
  2. Write a program that will create a jeroo with your name
  3. Move the jeroo until it is on top of the flower by hopping and turning
  4. Have the jeroo pick the flower.

Important information:

  1. Each time you start the Jeroo program you are automatically given a new, empty island. Use the flower maker (left click to create a flower, right-click to erase a flower) to put a flower at row 3 column 2. DON'T FORGET that you start counting at 0.
  2. All statements in the program have to be in the main sub. To create a new Jeroo type:
    Dim yourname As Jeroo = New Jeroo( )
  3. Each time you want to do something you have to tell the program which object will be acting and what it will do.
    yourname.hop( )
    yourname.pick( )
  4. The jeroo has to be on top of the flower to pick it.