Wiring a counter

  1. Adjust clock speed
    1. Connect a wire from the clock RotCLK to LED0.
    2. Adjust the speed of the clock down to about 1 blink per second.
  2. Divide the speed in half
    1. Get a 74LS93 counter chip
    2. connect power and ground and both resets to ground
    3. connect the clock to input A,
    4. wire output QA to LED 7
    5. What happens?
  3. Wire the counter
    1. Connect QA to input B
    2. Connect QB, QC and QD in order to LEDs 4,5 and 6
    3. Does it count from 0-15?
    4. Which is the most siginficant bit?
    5. What is the speed in Hz of each output if the clock speed is 1Hz?
  4. Add in a 7segment display using a 7447 or 7448 chip
    1. Connect the BCD converter chip to power and ground
    2. Wire the 4 outputs from the counter into the 4 inputs of the BCD converter
    3. Wire the 7 outputs from the converter to SegA1, B1, etc.
    4. Is the 7 segment display common anode or cathode on the board?
  5. Count in decimal
    1. Change the counter to reset when it reaches 10 to go back immediately to 0
    2. if output QA is a 1 and output QC is a 1 then the resets should be high.