Notes on 7 segment displays by _________________________ the segments a – g


Which segment lights up the most?


What are the 3 things that happen to turn a LED light on?

  1. _____________________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________________
  3. _____________________________________________________
(IMPORTANT: a common anode LED already has power connected to it, if you want it to light up you have to connect the other end to ground)
Draw a simple circuit below that shows a common anode LED light when it is lighting up.
Draw a circuit below to light up a common cathode LED
What will be displayed on the common anode circuit?
What will be displayed in this common cathode circuit?

How is a common cathode LED different from the common anode one?

Explain how to choose the right resistors for a 7-segment display circuit.

Show how to wire the seven-segment displays shown below so that they will display your age. If you are 15, display a (1) on the common cathode display and a (5) on the common anode display.
Common Cathode on left - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -Common Anode on right