Three groups to present on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

In each group:

  1. Plan to teach and explain the key ideas in your project to the class.
  2. Prepare enough of the material ahead of time with some missing pieces so that everyone can successfully complete the assignment.
  3. One-Two people prepare a powerpoint that describes and summarizes the steps to take to solve your problem. Don't solve the ENTIRE problem! Also prepare a short quiz with 5 AP like non-trivial questions to use the next week that tests to see whether or not people understand the code
  4. One-Two people write the drivers/runners to test all of the methods and variables in each class.
  5. One-Two people present the content on your day
  6. Everyone in the group understand your problem and solve it, help each other, then on the day of your presentation check off how well others complete your assignment.
  7. Prepare a warmup for your day. Grade it and send me the results.


  1. Assignment 1: Dashboard Kody, Justin, Hailey, Rylan
  2. Assignment 2: boxcar and frieght train. Megan, Jared, Doug, Brendan, Michael, Archie
  3. Assignment 3: Ultimate Frisbee: Person, UtlimatePlayer, Captain, Tyler, Jonah, Abby, Gavin, Zain, Matt