Completing the Time/Flight/Trip problem

public class Time {
// uses a 24 hour clock, the variables are hour and minute

// create a default constructor that sets the time to 1:00am

// create a constructor that sets the time to any hour/minute

// create accessor methods getHour and getMinute

// create a toString method that returns hh:mm with both as 2 digit numbers

// create a minutesUntil method that returns the number of minutes from this time to the parameter


public class Flight {
// the variables are start time and end time
// create a constructor that takes in 2 times to set the starting and ending time of a flight

// create a toString method that returns "Flight starting at hh:mm and ending at hh:mm"

// create the accessor methods  getDepartureTime that returns the start time and getArrivalTime that returns the end time


public class Trip{
List<Flight> flights;
// the constructor instantiates the arraylist of flights

// the addFlight method takes in a Flight and adds it to the arraylist

// the toString method prints out all flights in the trip

// the getShortestLayover method returns the number of minutes of the shortest time between flights

// the getDuration method returns the number of minutes from the first takeoff until the final landing


public class Driver{
  public static void main(String[] args){
     Trip alaska = new Trip();
     Time startTrip = new Time(08,30);
     System.out.println("your trip will start at " + startTrip);
     Flight chicago = new Flight(startTrip,new Time(10,15));
     Flight denver = new Flight(new Time(10,40),new Time(1,45));
     Flight seattle = new Flight(new Time(3,10),new Time(5,20));
     System.out.println("The seattle flight starts at "+getDepartureTime()+" and arrives at "+getArrivalTime());
     Flight juneau = new Flight(new Time(7,05),new Time(11,25));
     System.out.println("final flight will be "+juneau);
     System.out.println("First leg "+alaska);
     System.out.println("total trip "+alaska+" will take "+alaska.getDuration());
     System.out.println("the shortest layover is "+alaska.getShortestLayover());