Presentation on transportation

Topics will be assigned:

  1. Air: Commercial airlines
  2. Air: Personal air transportation (airplanes, gliders, small planes)
  3. Air: Military aviation
  4. Land: cars
  5. Land: trucks
  6. Land: tanks
  7. Land: bicycles
  8. Land: trains
  9. Land: motorcycles
  10. Land: personal transportation (skateboards, roller blades, pogo sticks, etc.)
  11. Sea: submarines
  12. Sea: powered boats
  13. Sea: unpowered boats (sailboat, canoe, kayak, rowboat, paddleboat, etc.)
  14. Sea: Military vessels
  15. Space: rockets
  16. Space: space shuttles
  17. Space: rovers and other extraterrestrial vehicles
  18. Energy sources: solar vehicles

Copy and paste your notes into the Transportation section of OneNote, then create a 6 slide presentation that includes:

  1. TITLE SLIDE: your name, class period, your topic
  2. THE PAST: When and where were the first ones invented? What did they look like? What could they do?
  3. THE PRESENT: What different kinds are there? What different parts of the world are they made in?
  4. THE PRESENT: What is the largest or most powerful? What are some unique kinds of this transportation?
  5. THE PRESENT: What are they made of? What problems do they have?
  6. THE FUTURE: What is coming up in the near future? What might be possible in the far future?