Dropping a Humvee 


Watch the video about dropping a Humvee and read the information in the article then answer questions below. 


  1. What other vehicles, in addition to Humvees, does the US Army drop? ______________ and __________________ 

  2. How high is a plane when they do a heavy airdrop? ______________ 

  3. How fast is a plane flying when they do a heavy airdrop in mph? ____________________ 

  4. There are actually 3 different sets of parachutes used in a drop.  

    1. What is a drogue and what does it do? _________________________________________ 

    2. How big is the extraction chute? _________________________________________________ 

    3. When do the primary chutes deploy? _______________________________________________ 

  5. Landing speed is 24 to 25 feet per second. How much is that in miles per hour? ________  
    (Google convert feet per second to miles per hour and type in the numbers) 

  6. Do you think it would cause damage to a vehicle to hit something hard at that speed? _______ 

  7. How many layers of honeycomb are under the vehicle? _________ 

  8. How many layers of honeycomb should be crushed in a worst case scenario where the Humvee is impacting at 28.5 feet per second. _______ How many miles per hour is that? _____ 

  9. What is the cushioning made of? ___________________________________________________ 

  10. Where does the cushioning go? ___________________________________________________ 

  11. How strong is the honeycomb? ___________________________________________________ 


Skydiving without a parachute and surviving 

Watch the video on how a skydiver landed safely without a parachute. Read the article about it and answer the questions. 


  1. How high did the skydiver jump from (in feet)? _______________________ 

  2. How long did he fall? ___________________________ 

  3. How big was the net he fell into? _________________ 

  4. Without a parachute, how fast would a skydiver would fall? __________ 

  5. To slow down, a skydiver can spread their limbs to increase surface area. How fast will they go then? ________________ 

  6. How did Aikins' smart helmet help make the jump safe? __________ 

  7.  How does a falling skydiver steer his body toward a target on the ground?________________________________________________  

  8. What kind of energy does a skydiver falling at high speed have? ______________ 

  9. What is the net made of ?_____________________________ 

  10. ON YOUR OWN: What kinds of tests do you think they needed to do before the jump to be sure it was safe? List at least 3: