Air resistance experiments with forces on a falling object

Increased surface area


1.How long does it take a marble to fall to the ground from the height of the table?
2.Attach the marble to an 8.5X11" sheet of paper. How can you configure the paper to slow the marble the most? How slow can you get the marble to drop?
3.Use a newspaper, how slow can you get the marble to drop?

On the back, draw your best improved designs using the small and large paper.

What are the advantages of the larger paper? What are the disadvantages?

Angular momentum


•Design 2- 4 propeller blades from paper so that, when connected they will fall spinning to the ground.
•What modifications improve the spin?
•Write down how your design compares to at least 3 other class designs.

The goal is to create angular momentum. How many times will it spin before hitting the ground? Draw your design in detail on the back and explain why it is a good design.