Name: _______________________________ 

Rubric for egg drop experiment project 



Your Points 

Hand in list of materials with a quick sketch of your final design 


Hand in a complete protected landing device paper with purpose, criteria, constraints, 2 design ideas, egg weight, prototype description, labeled sketch of final design 



On the Protected Landing Device paper, describe in detail your test plan and the improvements you made 


Hand in 2 sketches of ideas showing how they will address primary and secondary impacts 


Egg and device survives  
-2 something comes apart 
-2 egg cracks 2nd time 
-4 egg cracks 1st time 


Create a 3d model of your device. Import into presentation and label the point of impact for primary and secondary impacts 



Import video into presentation and edit to highlight the fall and drop. 


Use video editing skills to enhance video interest and impact 


Presentation is informative, creative, attractive and follows all guidelines.



Give presentation to class 


Put your presentation in OneNote in the collaborative page for Egg Drop Presentations in Transportation Presentations