Manufacturing Process Poster

  1. Include a meaningful, attractive title (4 points)
  2. Answer these questions (10 points)
    1. What materials are used to make this product?
    2. What are the steps in the process?
    3. How is quality control guaranteed?
    4. What is done by hand, and what is done by machine?
    5. How has the way this item is produced changed over time?
  3. Include at least 3 pictures that add value to the poster (6 points)
    1. A picture that shows the finished product
    2. 2 pictures that show 2 parts of the manufacturing process.
  4. Include your visualization . (10 points)
    1. The visualization shows at least 3 steps in the manufacturing process
    2. The visualization includes details about what happens in each step
    3. The visualization has a summary of the overall manufacturing process