Cardboard Chair rubric

Be sure to follow the guidelines!

GOAL #1: Engineering Design Process

a. Make a collection of 6 isometric concept drawings that show different ways to solve this bioengineering problem.

b. Explain the "best idea" with specific reasons and supporting details.

c. Create a drawing and materials list for your final design based on your model.

d. Track progress and design changes by completing engineering logs during the project.

e. Test and improve your design throughout the construction phase


GOAL#2: Use proper work and safety ethics

a. Wear safety goggles when using a sharp cutting instrument or hot glue gun and follow all safety procedures in the workshop without reminders.

b. Keep track of materials and not need any replacement parts.

c. Clean up the work space each day and put tools and materials back where they belong.


GOAL#3: Use professional work ethics for quality building

a. Follow production drawings and model design building guide to make cardboard furniture fit for an "average" high school student or adult.

b. Build a prototype that looks like a finished prodcut without any loose parts, damaged or rough surfaces, dents, gouges or globs of glue.

c. Plan for and use management techniques to distribute work equally among team members for efficienct and fair division of the work.

c. Build, test and demonstrate a product that is sturdy, holds together and doesn't need repairs between multiple uses.

d. The chair meets all design creiteria and constraints.

chair examples