Building Virtual Circuits

Review: Match the terms

1.Voltage _____
2.Current _____
3.Resistance _____
4.Conductor _____
5.Insulator _____
6.Voltmeter _____
7.Ammeter _____
A. A tool to measure current
B. Something that is not good at conducting electricity
C. The flow of electric charge
D. The pressure from an electrical circuit's power source that pushes charged electrons 
E. A tool to measure volts
F. Something that is good at conducting electricity
G. Opposing the flow of electricity

circuit kit

What is the MINIMUM number of parts you could use to light up a light bulb? ________

Which direction do the electrons flow? ________________ to _____________________

Which of the 4 circuit components is optional?

1.Voltage source
2.Conductor (wire)

Which component in the simulation can stretch and shrink?___________________________

circuit with open switchWhy won't the bulb light up in this circuit? ____________________

Other possible reasons a circuit might not produce light:

1. __________________________________

How do you detach components? _____________________

How do you measure the change in voltage with the voltmeter? ____________ _______________ ________-

Draw a picture of the voltmeter.



How do you measure the current? ________________ _______________ __________________

Draw a picture of the non-contact ammeter.