variable speed settings

forsner bit


to change speed adjust the belts with the pulleys, change rpm 280-3000rpm slow for larger drill bits

how can you

adjustments on the handle

set a stop to set the depth of holes

how can a drill press be used as a drum sander?

lock down to a certain depth for inexpensive sanders as a drum sander.


Drill bits

most common is the twist drill. mostly for metal, for wood they have a steeper angle

kind of twist drill : hardened twist bit can be used on hard metal. plastic twist bit for plastic

spade bit, flat with a very sharp point.

what is a caution?

auger bit like a twist drill with deeper flutes or chip channels to remove

best for wood: brad point wood bits (also called doweling bits) sharp tip

Forstner bit. no center, make flat bottom holes. can be hard to hold on target so best in a drill press, not a hand drill.

parts of a drill press, chuck, fence, table,


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