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January 2018
Date Warm-up Class Activities Objectives. SWBAT:
go to second semester
23 What is an advantage of a digital portfolio?
  1. In Paint, create an Advanced Design Applications header image.
  2. Create a portfolio on yola using your school email, website id, and password.
  3. Choose a CV or portfolio site.
  4. Choose the Masonic design for now.
  5. Add your header to the top of the page.
  6. Add your collage in the body of the page.
  7. Add a description of this course next to the collage. See the example. Save and publish.
  • Create a home page for a digital portfolio
22 What's the difference between an app and a website?
  1. Review of tech support skills.
  2. Look at the most popular free website builders for quality website design
  3. Sign in and create the homepage for your website. Create a collage picture representing the 5 units in ADA with a summary of things learned so far.
  • Describe skills needed for tech support
  • Create a website with a home page
  • Design a collage representing the 4 units in ADA
19 How does tech support help people and equipment?
  1. What are the top 2 skills you have that would apply to tech support? Describe an example from your own life for each.
  2. How good are you at problem solving? Can you figure out how to connect a circuit playground and use it to find out the current temperature?
  • Troubleshoot the installation of new hardware
18 Why do computers need a network cable?
  1. Read about tech support jobs
  2. Fill in the notes and crossword about tech support jobs.
  • Describe career details of tech support
17 Why should you test a device that you have modified?
  1. Discuss project management, specifications, standards of excellence.
  2. Complete installation of computer holders.
  • Complete projects to specifications.
16 Why is a 3d printer platform heated?
  1. Keep 3d printer printing.
  2. Get and install computer holders.
  • Set up and use 3d printer
  • Install computers on holders.
12 Why must a 3d printer convert STL to gcode? (7th only) Work on projects.
  • Continue work
11 What must be done before we do our first 3d print?
  1. Learn about converting files from STL to Gcode. Cura 15.04.2
  2. Look up the printing cost and amount of plastic needed to print your game piece part. Add the information to the OneNote Collaborative 3d game piece page.
  3. Look at printer setup, do sample and read prints.
  • Follow setup procedures.
(ice day on 1/9)
Is there color in a STL file? How do you change colors on a 3d printer?
  1. Download the STL file for your game piece and put it in OneNote on the Board Game 3D page in the collaborative space. Be sure it is less than 5 cm in any direction, that it is the only thing in the file, and centered.
  2. Make a BlocksCAD snowflake following these directions
  3. Customize your snowflake, and if you like it, submit it to the snowflake challenge.
  4. Vote on the best game piece characters. (rate each piece 1-5) 1st period, 7th period
  • Share 3d designs
  • Create 3d snowflake with code
  • Choose game pieces to print 3D
~ * ~ * snow days * ~ * ~
3 What is an advantage of PLA plastic?
  1. Explore designs at Thingiverse. Consider the BlocksCAD snowflake challenge.
  2. Design a game piece or other approved small object in Tinkercad less than 2" in any dimension to print on the 3d printer. Grade depends on level of detail.
  • Create 3d design
2 What are the 3 dimensions in 3d?
  1. What are the good and bad of the monoprice select mini 3d printer? What are the settings that make a good 3d print?
  2. Watch another video on the monoprice select mini 3d printer. What do we need to know?
  3. Compare our printer to a different 3d printer.
  • Compare 3d printers and features
December 2017
Date Warm-up Class Activities Objectives. SWBAT:
22 What does countersink mean?
  1. Learn uses and settings of a drill press.
  2. Learn about different kinds of drill bits.
  3. Vote on which colors of plastic to get for the 3D printer. dark purple and light blue win.
  4. Learn about different kinds of plastic for 3d printers.
  • Describe drill press parts and types of drill bits.
  • Describe options for 3d printing materials
21 What is a chuck key?
  1. Design a monitor stand that the keyboard can be stowed under. Use paper or Tinkercad (print out)
  2. Write out detailed assembly directions with sketches and dimensions to show the steps to assemble one.
  • Use assembly experience to design a similar product.
20 What is an advantage of pre-driling holes?
  1. Assemble, paint and finish computer holders.
  2. CLEAN up when finished. Rate your progress.
  • Use good techniques to paint and finish.
19 What is the difference between paint and finish?
18 Draw a sketch of what "with the grain" looks like
  1. Presentation on assembling
  2. Sand, drill and assemble in the woodshop
  3. CLEAN up when finished.
  • Carry out the assembly manufacturing process.
15 How does sandpaper work?
  1. Presentation on sanding.
  2. Sand, drill and assemble in the woodshop
  • Carry out the assembly manufacturing process.
14 Which power machine is used to drill holes?
  1. Read about wood finishing and answer the questions.
  2. Do the crossword about the woodshop safety presentation.
  3. Hand in papers today.
  • Describe wood finishes
  • Review woodshop safety guidelines.
13 How long do you think it would take to perfectly assemble one computer holder.
  1. Review the procedure for manufacturing assembly of high quality products.
  2. Discuss woodshop safety
  3. Start work on computer holders.
  • List rules for safe use of wood shop
  • List steps in manufacturing process.
12 How many screws are needed to assemble one computer holder?
  1. When yesterday's work is done we will go to the woodshop and start working on the holders.
  • Complete plans and begin assembly
11 Why plan before manufacturing?
  1. Before you can build you need a detailed plan. Do a QC evaluation of exisitng models. Create a 1"=1block scale drawing of all parts marking screw locations.
  2. Work in pairs to create detail building plans that would be appropriate for a manufactuing assembly line and include quality control check points. (include sanding, painting, measuring, drilling and assembling) Estimate time needed for each. Plan to meet in the wood shop tomorrow.
  • Create a plan that is comprehensive and detailed for assembly.
8 How is robot arm code different from 3D design code?
  1. Develop an algorithm with detail. Look at Level 9
  2. Design an assembly and quality control process for the computer stands in groups. Start with these steps and add more. Compare.
  • Design and test an assembly and qc plan.
7 What kind of information is in a STL file?
  1. Quiz.
  2. Measure and mark wood for computer stands.
  • Measure and mark with precision
6 What is subtractive modeling?
  1. Quiz wil be tomorrow. Review vocabulary with the crossword.
  2. Review 3d code on the back of the crossword paper.
  3. Code assembly robots to assemble parts. Show for points.
  • Code motion for parts manufacturing
  • Review 3d and manufacturing vocabulary.
5 What is new in 3D news?
  1. Review news articles.
  2. Go over additive and subtractive modeling. (3d printer vs CNC machine)
  3. Review vocabulary for 3D design and manufacturing quiz on Wednesday. (presentation)
  • Define modeling and manufacturing vocabulary
4 What are the 2 things to do today? -->
  1. Finish your American flag with code and one more flag of your choice in Tinkercad or BlocksCAD. Paste a screenshot of both flags into OneNote Unit 3 manufacturing Flag page.
  2. Read one article on 3d printing in the news and fill out this form report on your findings.
  • Finish projects.
  • Report on 3d current events
1 What does the union block do?
  1. Finish combinatorial robots. Put a screenshot in OneNote Unit 3 Manufacturing.
  2. Create an American flag with code
  3. Create a flag for another country.
  4. Paste a screenshot of both flags into OneNote Unit 3 manufacturing Flag page
  • Follow pseudocode to create code
November 2017
30 Why are functions useful in 3D design?
  1. Learn how combinatorics is used to create a variety of parts.
  2. in BlocksCAD, design 2 robot heads and 3 robot bodies (with at least 3 details each) as 5 different functions and use those functions to generate at least 4 different robots.
  • Combine functions to create unique combinations
29 What is the difference between translate and scale?
  1. Discover the value of functions in code.
  2. Learn how code can be organized
  3. Create a forest of trees using functions and parameters.
  • Create 3D objects using code, functions and paramters
28 How can code create a 3d design?
  1. Follow directions to create a flowerpot in BlocksCAD. Add a flower using these directions. Put a screenshot in your OneNote notebook under manufacturing.
  • Create 3D objects using repeated code and combinations
27 What can be made with code?
  1. One more day of code. Complete 3D robot design
  2. Fill in the notes.
  3. Points earned by being on task.
  • Create 3D objects with code
Date Warm-up Class Activities Objectives. SWBAT:
21 What is code?

The Hour of Code is coming in December. We have been volunteered as testers. Pick an activity below. If you don't like the one you pick, try it for 10 minutes and then pick different ones. Fill out a form for each activity you try.

  1. Minecraft Hour of Code
  2. Code Combat escape the dungeon
  3. Build a basketball game
  4. Build 10 mobile apps in an hour
  5. Code a sports game
  6. Learn to code with Star Wars
  7. Make a flappy bird game
  8. Myra's dream. Finish the story.
  9. Create a cheer routine
  10. Pirate plunder
  11. Create old time game pictures with code
  • Evaluate interactive activities that use coding.

Fill out a feedback form for each one you try.

20 Why is quality control important in manufacturing?
17 Why do manufacturing machines each specialize in a single part of a process?
  1. Determine criteria to determine acceptable quality of a sonobe.
  2. Look at assembly lines from the 1800s and early 1900s.
  3. See how many cubes can be manufactured by the entire class in 20 minutes.
  4. Fill in the journal reflection paper on the manufacturing process and quality control.
  • Work as part of a manufacturing team.
  • Evaluate product quality
16 List 2 reasons why a mass produced product might fail.
  1. Learn more about quality control in the modern age.
  2. Fill in the notes as you work with precision and use quality control to fold 3 shapes and check your results.
  • Describe steps in quality control.
  • Experience the process of manufacturing.
15 Why does the US government lose money on pennies? 
  1. Presentation on failed products. Take notes.
  2. Give presentations
  • Analyze why some product designs fail.
14 What is quality control?
  1. Look up statistics about manufacturing.
  2. Finish your manufacturing process poster using the rubric.
  • Compare manufacturing processes
13 What is the difference between building and manufacturing?
  1. Review characteristics of typical modern day manufacturing. Turn in any papers from last week.
  2. Organize steps in manufacturing your product into a poster using the rubric.
  • Organize steps in manufacturing
8 & 9

Warmup 11/8: List one valuable soft skill 


Warmup 11/9: Are machines or people doing most of the work in toilet paper manufacturing

  1. Watch the video on how toilet paper is made  Fill in the notes in OneNote on the Manufacturing Steps page OR on a paper on the front desk. Save the paper in your folder if you choose to write on paper.

  2. Find pictures and write down a description of at least 4 steps in the manufacturing process of your product. Put this in the Manufacturing Steps page in OneNote

  3. Create a visualization using Smart Art describing the total manufacturing process and paste it onto your Manufacturing steps page in OneNote

  • Outline steps used in manufacturing
  • Describe specific steps in a selected manufacturing process
7 What event made America the greatest manufacturing country?
  1. Discuss "soft skills" and how to create a visualization
  2. Create this practice visualization for 1st quarter points. Add a 4th step: create your poster. Check the rubric to see what is needed.
  3. Choose a manufacturing process to research. Plan a poster about a manufacturing process for something simple (Standford manufacturing, Science channelneoK12madeHow) that includes the following:
    • What materials are used? What is the process? How is quality control guaranteed? What is done by hand, and what is done by machine? How has it changed over time?
  • Create a visualization of steps used in manufacturing
6 Name a safety problem in manufacturing.
  1. Review presentation on manufacturing
  2. Choose a manufacturing process to research. Plan a poster about a manufacturing process for something simple (Standford manufacturing, Science channelneoK12madeHow) that includes the following:
    • What materials are used? What is the process? How is quality control guaranteed? What is done by hand, and what is done by machine? How has it changed over time?
  3. Finish any presentations on construction careers and first quarter work.
  • Catch up work
3 What makes a successful sales pitch for a new product?
  1. Get a handout from the front desk on the OSHA Manufacturing safety considerations.
  2. Play the game for all 30 days to run a successful manufacturing operation and fill in the paper. DUE TODAY.
  • Describe hazards in manufacturing
  • Describe the role of a supervisor in manufacturing safety.
2 What is one reason why American was the best at manufacturing in the 1900's?
  1. Get a handout from the front desk on some Shark Tank products. Watch the videos and write your answers on the handout.
  2. Video #1: Nasal Screens: 
  3. Video #2:  Wurkin Stiffs
  • Describe current innovations in manufacturing.
  • Describe what investors are looking for in new manufacturing
1 Look up a definition for the word manufacture and write it down
  1. Begin Manufacturing Unit
  2. Go into OneNote and view the PowerPoint presentation on manufacturing. Answer the questions in your Unit 3 section in OneNote
  • Describe manufacturing needs in modern society.
  • Describe reasons why manufacturing has changed.
October 2017
31 How do you make the crop tool show up in PowerPoint?
  1. Print out your notes for the construction career presentation.
  2. Insert the file for your construction career presentation in OneNote.
  3. Give presentations
  • Describe job opportunities in the construction trade, salary trends and tools used in the trade.

Mr Dolan picked a computer holder design. We will start building after Thanksgiving. Tomorrow we will start the Manufacturing unit.

30 What building material is the strongest in tension and compression? (of concrete, wood, steel or particleboard)
  1. Finish all slides of your construction occupation presentation using the rubric
  • Describe job opportunities in the construction trade, salary trends and tools used in the trade.
27 List 3 possible construction occupations
  1. Do the quiz review to earn back quiz points if needed.
  2. Finish slides 2-3 of your construction occupation presentation using the rubric
  • Describe job opportunities in the construction trade.
26 What classwork did you complete yesterday?
  1. Either complete yesterday's classwork below or do the virtual reality in training current event reflection.
  • Describe connections to technology and current events in virtual reality.
25 What is a skill needed to be a construction worker?
  1. Choose a construction occupation from the papers on the the rubric and also in OneNote. EVERYBODY PICK A DIFFERENT JOB. Tell the teacher which job you picked
  2. Research and find all the information for the rubric. Put pictures, graphs and citations in a presentation. Write or type up a separate narration script to use during your presentation according to the rubric. You will have through Friday.
  • Research job tools, locations, salaries, and descriptions for a presentation.
24 How does OSHA enforce their rules?
  1. Look up options at CSM to find core skills that are needed. What are they? Fill out the paper.
  2. Write down the 5 skills needed to be a construction worker.
  3. What do construction workers earn? Choose 2 jobs and write down the salary.
  • List core skills needed to pursue jobs in the construction area.
  • Investigate construction careers
23 How many mm in a cm?
  1. Review notes on OSHA safety regulations.
  2. Complete the OSHA crossword and show for points. Here are some notes.
  3. Complete the job in 30 days and take notes on what a supervisor at a constrcution site needs to do and know to be successful in the OSHA construction safety game on the HANDOUT drive / O-C/ Advanced Design/ OSHA training
  • Define characteristics of OSHA regulations the apply to construction.
  • Describe the responsibilites of a construction site supervisor to protect the safety of the workers.
20 What 2 safety innovations were started during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in the 1930's?
  1. Quiz
  2. Fill in the notes on OSHA safety regulations.
  3. Survive for at least 12 days with a profit and no serious safety problems in the OSHA construction safety game.
  • Describe elements of construction job safety.
  • Describe workers' rights to a safe working environment.
19 Sketch a dado joint
  1. Review for the quiz tomorrow on measuring, joints and materials.
  2. Look at job safety long ago and now.
  3. Many jobs in construction are dangerous, fill in this sheet with the information about dangerous jobs and advice from the host of "Dirty Jobs"
  • Review measurements, joints and materials
  • Describe hazards in the construction industry
18 Sketch a miter joint.
  1. Do the joint and materials crossword. hand in today.
  2. Watch these 2 TED talks and answer the questions on the back of the crossword paper.
  • Review types of joints
  • Describe innovations in construction
17 What is a disadvantage of particleboard?
  1. Create example joints out of foam as assigned.
  2. Write up a reflection about your computer bracket in sentence form answering these questions:
    • What is your computer holder made of?
    • What is good about it?
    • Why should we select your design?
    • Describe at least 5 steps needed to make your holder. (measure, cut, drill holes, put pieces together. BE SPECIFIC)
    • How much will it cost to make 27 of your holders?
  3. Hand in a printout of your holder the way it looks under the desk with the computer on it, the closeup showing the parts, the cost and your reflection. Staple together.
  • Create models of joints.
  • Hand in project packet
16 What kind of tree are pine and fir trees?
  1. How is particleboard made?
  2. Why is NAF important?
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of particleboard, compared to wood.
  4. Calculate the cost of your bracket. Type it onto a Word document with a screenshot of your detail view and listing of parts.
  • Describe how particleboard is made
  • Desribe detrimental effects of formaldehyde
  • Calculate cost of materials
13 What is a disadvantage of building with wood?
  1. Create a model in Tinkercad that shows your computer holder in detail (without the computer), assuming it is made of wood, including the joints you would use. DO NOT USE SIMPLE BUTT JOINTS. No nails/screws should be showing. Include dimensions.
  2. On paper, draw the individual parts and the size of each. Write down all of the fasteners and other materials needed.
  • Create a detail model that includes joints.
  • Sketch individual parts needed to build a project.
12 What is an advantage of building with wood?
  1. Look at how pocket, miter and butt joints are made
  2. Learn about different ways to join parts. Fill out the notes.
  3. Sketch or 3D model the separate parts of your computer support, describe how the parts will fit together and give the measurements.
  • Draw and identify different kinds of joints.
  • Describe advatages of different ways to join.
  • Design joined parts for a holder
11 What is steel made from?
  1. Sketch 2 different ways to support a computer under the desk.
    Circle the best one and explain why it is the best. What materials would you use and why?
  2. Create the best plan in Tinkercad and print it out with your name on it.
  • Continue the design process to recommend a plan to support computers under desks.
10 What is 37.8 times 10?
  1. Consider different building materials (presentation and worksheet). What are practical choices for our computer holders?
  2. Find the difference between concrete, cement and mortar.
  3. Look at some of the new large scale construction advances.
  4. Investigate construction in VR
  • Describe properties of different building materials.
  • Experience construction in VR
6 What is 1/10 of 37.8?
  1. how do you communicate design?
    3d models
    computer 3d models
  2. Build a cardstock model of a single desk and computer to 1/10 scale. Put your name on both and put them in the class box.
  3. Sketch on paper, then model in Tinkercad an original idea for a holder to support computers under the desk but above the floor. Describe what it would be made of. What else could be stored there?
  4. Look at how VR can show a house before construction is finished, and an existing house can be scanned and then remodeled.
  • Measure and create a 1/10 model.
  • Design a solution to a problem.
  • consider how VR and 3d scanning might change design
5 How many sides are on a 3D cube?
4 List 3 materials you can 3D print with.
3 What is a challenge of putting imported 3D models together?
  1. Look at how a 3d printer works.
  2. What is the future of 3D printing? NASA, 24 hour house, 17 incredible 3d printed objects.
  3. Scavenger hunt for 3d printed objects: find something biomedical, another house, another car, 3D printed food, toy, clothing, and something that is coming in the future. Copy a picture and URL and add a description in OneNote::Unit 2:: 3D future.
  • Describe current advances in 3D printing
2 What's the difference between import and export?
  1. Review the exported 3D models in the OneNote collaboration space.
  2. Import at least 5 different parts from the OneNote collaboration space into Tinkercad and arrange them into part of the classroom.
  3. Write down a reflection on your experience in OneNote :: Unit 2:: TinkerCad import experience.
  • Import and arrange STL files.
  • Work around varying scales.
September 2017
Date Warm-up Class Activities Objectives. SWBAT:
29 What does this tool do in Tinkercad?
curved arrow
  1. Design a detailed computer mouse to scale with a scroll wheel and buttons in Tinkercad.
  2. Export your chair, computer, mouse, and desk as STL files.
  3. Rename the files YourNameChair, YourNameComputer, YourNameDesk, YourNameMouse.
  4. Drag the files onto the collaborative 3D design pagein OneNote
  • Export STL files to use for larger projects
28 Sketch a front view of a chair.
  1. Finish chair models.
  2. Use the rubric to add details to the project of your choice: house, chair, classroom, computer, or your own idea.
  • Use adaptable settings in 3D design
27 What does a classroom chair look like from a top view?
  1. In a separate Tinkercad project create an exact model of a classroom chair to scale with all the details.
  • Builde a complex shape to scale.
26 According to the syllabus, how much is an asssignment worth if it is one day late?
  1. Review floorplans, chair drawings and classroom floor plans.
  2. Develop a model of a classroom table TO SCALE with 3 computers and 3 chairs in Tinkercad
  • Build a scale 3D model of multiple objects
25 According to the syllabus, how much of the grade is based on product?
  1. Draw floorplans to different scales as directed on the paper.
  2. On the back draw a clssroom chair 1' = 1" scale as seen from the side.
  3. On the same paper, draw a top view of the classroom (floor plan) showing all of the computers, doors and furniture. (chairs, desks and cabinets)
  • Draw to varying scales
  • Draw a side view to scale
  • Draw a top view floor plan
22 How do you build an exact size 3D model in TinkerCad?
  1. Bring back a signed syllabus
  2. Add a porch, steps, chimney,   garage and at least 3 features of your own to you house in Tinkercad. Paste a screenshot in Unit 2 Construction.
  • Create original features in 3D

Pep Rally today

21 Which is bigger an inch or a centimeter?
  1. Redraw the house floor plans to half size and double size on paper, label rooms .
  2. Follow project directions to make a house in Tinkercad.
  • Draw half size
  • Draw double size
  • Design a 3D house.
20 How many quarter inches in an inch?
  1. Measure in centimeters and fix any errors on measuring sheet for half inches. Convert computer, monitor and keyboard measurements to centimeters.
  2. Learn how to build the right sizes in Tinkercad with the ruler.
  3. Create a computer, keyboard and monitor in Tinkercad to scale. Put a screenshot showing dimensions in Unit 2 Construction in OneNote.
  • Measure in centimeters.
  • Convert inches to centimeters.
  • Create models to scale
19 What are the 3 dimensions?
  1. Practice measuring to the quarter inch.
  2. Draw accurate shapes to the quarter inch.
  3. Add the code 5ZZF0DVH to your Tinkercad account.
  4. Do the Basic Tinkercad lessons: moves, camera, holes, scale, key ring and die. Add screenshots to OneNote Unit 1 Technology of your key ring and an original variation of the die.
  • Measure precisely to the quarter inch
  • Draw precisely to the nearest quarter
  • Join the class in TinkerCad
  • Manipulate 3D in TinkerCad.
18 How can you earn warm-up points for a day you were absent?
  1. Measurement is important to design and construction. Practice measuring to the nearest half inch.
  2. Rounding up. Measure and round up to the nearest half inch.
    1. side 1
    2. side 2
  3. Measure the computer, monitor, and keyboard at the maximum length, width and height of each. Round UP to the nearest half inch. Write them down with a 3D sketch of each object.
  4. Learn how to move, resize, group and change things in TinkerCad 3D
  • Measure precisely to the half inch
  • Round up to the nearest half.
  • Draw precisely
  • Create an account in TinkerCad
  • Create 3D in TinkerCad.
14 How is VR different from AR?
  1. WiTricity, Power without wires TED talk. using resonant magnetic fields.
  2. Choose a character and animation in Mixamo. (make an account with your school ID and password) Download it to your H: drive for when we have the 3D software installed.
  3. Use the design process to invent a VR game.with a focus on the Brainstorming and Planning stage.
  • Describe different ways to power devices
  • Create an animated 3d character
  • Use the design process for game development.
13 What is Augmented Reality?
  1. The new iPhones will be able to do AR with the ARkit.
  2. Find an interesting way that AR will be used from Lifewire and Sportvision. Find a photo of AR with an example and paste it onto your Onenote page on technology vocabulary.
  3. Find an example of a product that does AI, VR and haptic responses. Add a picture and description of each to your Onenote page on technology vocabulary.
  4. Find out how facial recognition works. Add a description and picture to your new technology page.
  • Locate photos of AR applications
  • Add photos to OneNote
  • Illustrate cutting edge technologies.
  • Describe cutting edge technology products.
12 Are new things invented every year?
  1. Look at futuristic ideas currently under development.
  2. Define these terms in new technology. AI, AR, VR, haptic, in Onenote.
  3. Create a colorful poster with at least 4 pictures showing the most interesting new technology of 2017. Label the technology illustrations.
  • Define 2017 technology terms
  • Create a poster highlighting new technology advances.
11 What comes after build/design/test in the design process?
  1. Review requirements for sketches and written work.
  2. What was the flaw in the design of the twin towers that caused them to collapse on 9/11/2001
  3. Research: What is new in technology? Write up 2 recent innovations in the OneNote notebook.
  • Describe recent innovaations in technology
8 What is the difference between criteria and constraint?
  1. Use a build/test/redesign process to improve the strength of a span.
  • Focus on the build/test/redesign phase of the design process
7 List 3 steps in the design process
  1. The criteria have changed. Modify your bridge so it will hold a box in the middle. You can use double the supplies. (20 papers and 6' of tape)
  2. Document how you tested and improved your bridge. Be sure you have written down:
    • the steps in the design process.
    • the criteria and constraints (including changes)
    • sketch of your first brainstorming idea
    • sketch of your first actual design.
    • sketch of modification brainstorming
    • sketch of final actual design
  • Document and execute steps in the design process
6 List the 2 class rules
  1. Write your first name on your name tent in large print. (Use the name you want to be called: first name or nick name)
  2. Write and decorate your first name on your folder
  3. On the back on yesterday's notes:
    • copy down the steps in the design process.
    • Copy the criteria and constraints for today's design challenge.
  4. Use the design process, in teams, to create a newspaper bridge using a max of 10 papers and 3' of tape that crosses an aisle without dipping below the table line at any point.
    • Sketch a brainstorming idea
    • Sketch your final design.
  • Outline the steps in the design process
  • Document your design process to build a temporary bridge in teams.
5 List 3 things that have good design
  1. Fill out index card with your schedule
  2. Introduction to class presentation
    Save notes for tomorrow.
  3. What is ADA about?
  • Describe basic class structure and rules
  • Describe basic classroom procedures

Code robots to put parts together

do construction building big problems. test materials