Making a flower in BlocksCAD

Manufacturing requires precise movement repeated over and over again. These are programmed with code.

Creating 3D designs can be easier in code if you know how to use the features.

flower in 3d design<- These are all cylinders

To create an interesting center for the flower create 2 yellow cylinders with sloped sides
Notice that they are the same cylinder rotated in opposite directions and moved slightly along the X axis.
Here is the code for the first part.

center code
The second one is only different because it is translated +3 in the X direction and rotated 270 degrees in the Y direction

To create the petals use a loop to repeat the same shape over and over again

petal code

Experiment with the ending number, cylinder height, and the angle between petals to get an interesting design.

Add a stem on your own. Don't forget to add a flowerpot! Does anything need to be moved? Resized?