Watch this 3 minute video about a new kind of building material and answer the questions

1.       What does the speaker say is going to happen to the Arctic?

2.       Where are 52% of the worldwide sources of CO2 coming from?

3.       How many different mixes did they have to try to get EcoRock right?

4.       How does their product make wall construction better?


Watch this talk on cradle to cradle design

What is the problem with the way rubber ducks are made today?


If we say, "Well, I didn't intend to cause global warming on the way here," and we say, "That's not part of my plan," then what happens?

What did he tell the people at the White House?


When Sheikh Yamani formed OPEC, they asked him, "When will we see the end of the age of oil?" What was his answer?

Why can't the steel in cars be recycled?

Remember we used to throw things away, and we'd point to away? What trash is in the Pacific Gyre?


Why do we have to analyze all of the materials used to build the things we use?


What's unique about their building at Oberlin College?


What is their project for Ford Motor Company?


What did they study and learn about city design?