Worker safety wasn't always guaranteed by law

The Golden gate bridge in San Francisco was built back in the 1930's golden gate bridge
Before OSHA it was up to each employer to decide how much or how little to protect their workers.

Watch this video and complete the statements.
This might have been the first workplace to require workers to wear ___________ made out of leather and _________- _______ to protect against falling. If a worker did not follow the rules they would _______________________

What cost $130,000 that went 10' beyond the edge of the workspace that saved lives? ________________________
________ men tumbled accidentally into the net, saving their lives.
It was an economic innovation, and might have saved the company money because _____________________________


What's important in modern Construction Safety

(the video is 32 minutes long, watch the first 10 minutes and fill in the notes)

The difference betwen an accident and an incident is that an accident is: _______________, __________________, _____________ and an incident is ________________________

How can emotions and the social environment cause issues distract people and cause problems on the workplace?

What are benefits of better safety on the job for employers?

What iare benefits of better safety on the job for employees?

Accorind to OSHA statistics in 2011, construction was the #1 industry for ________________ on the job.

What are the fatal 4: ( 4 leading causes of death on the job in construction)
#4. ____________________

#3. ____________________

#2. ____________________

#1. ____________________

Match the numbers of the most cited violations with the fatal 4 leading causes of death on the job.

What are 3 things that can be done to avoid these problems?
___________ , _____________ and _______________________

Which is steadily declining from 2000 to 2011? Injuries on the job or deaths? _____________________.

What is the goal of any jobsite safety program? __________________________________________