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Fill in the notes from the presentation

  1. Since OSHA rules went into effect, worker deaths in America are down, on average, from about 38 worker deaths a day in 1970 when OSHA started to about _____ a day in 2013.
  2. OSHA stands for O______________ S__________________- H___________________- A_________________
  3. OSHA's job is to improve worker ___________________
  4. To do their job, OSHA develops _____________ and enforces them through __________________ and provides ________________
  5. }You have the right to:
    ◦A safe and healthful workplace
    ◦Know about _____________________________
    ◦Report injury to employer
    ◦Complain or request hazard correction from employer
    ◦Hazard exposure and medical records
    ◦File a complaint with OSHA
    ◦Participate in an OSHA inspection
    ◦Be free from _________________________ for exercising safety and health rights
  6. OSHA protects you if you are injured because it is illegal to retaliate or discriminate against a worker for ______________________________________
  7. A worker can file a complaint about dangerous working conditions and request ___________________________________
  8. }Employers must
    Provide a workplace free from recognized hazards and comply with OSHA standards
    }Provide _____________________ required by OSHA standards
    }Keep records of ________________________________
    }Provide medical exams when required by OSHA standards and provide workers access to their exposure and medical records
    }Not discriminate against workers who exercise their rights under the Act (Section 11(c))
    }Post OSHA citations and hazard correction notices
    }Provide and pay for most ______________________
  9. 4 groups of OSHA standards are:
    General Industry*
  10. anyone who tells an employer about an OSHA inspection in advance can ____________________________
  11. Are violations of OSHA rules expensive? ____
  12. To file an OSHA complaint _________________