Advanced Design Applications website home page

  1. Get your id and password
  2. Go to
  3. Create a site. Choose a unique SCHOOL APPROPRIATE name
  4. Paste the link to your website in OneNote Collaborative websites, Student websites page
  5. Find pictures that represents the 5 units of ADA, make a collage in Pixler, and save it to your H: drive.
  6. Put the collage picture on your ADA home page.
  7. Put your name and the title of the class on your home page.
  8. Summarize in short paragraphs some details about at least 3 things you have learned or accomplished this year in this class. (3d design, computer holder construction and installation, quality control and assembly lines in manufacturing, materials and joints used in construction, OSHA safety regulations, modern advances in technology (AR, VR, changing jobs and current events))
  9. These are the 5 units
    1. Technology
    2. Construction
    3. Manufacturing
    4. Energy
    5. Transportation