mad libMadLibs

Create a Mad Lib program in JavaScript.

Your program must ask the user for at least 4 different words and then fill them into a story. Also, you shoul use one word at least twice.

Make up your own MadLib similar to one of the examples below:

Example 1:
  1. Name of a person
  2. Plural noun
  3. An animal
  4. Singular noun

My favorite book is "__________ (name of a person) Potter and the Chamber of __________ (noun, plural)."
__________ (same name of person) Potter goes to a school called __________ (an animal)‐warts.
Instead of learning math and social studies, the students learn things like how to turn something into a __________ (noun).

Example 2:
  1. noun (thing)
  2. verb: past tense
  3. adjective (descriptive word)
  4. noun (place)

Today I went to the zoo. I saw a _____________ (noun) jumping up and down in its tree.
The ___________(same noun) _____________ (verb: past tense) through the large tunnel that led to its __________(adjective) __________(noun).

Example 3:
  1. A liquid
  2. An animal
  3. Name of a person
  4. verb ending with ing

Our cafeteria is wierd. Today I saw _______ (name of person) drinking _____ (a liquid) with lunch.
After that, _________ (same name of person) started to act like a __________________ (animal) making ______________ (same animal) sounds and ______________(verb ending with ing) from one table to another.