Principles of Computer Science Daily Lessons - syllabus - Java API

February 2018
Date Warm-up Class Activities Objectives. SWBAT:
19 How many unique trees can be made with 2 different trunk designs, 4 different leaf designs and 2 different colors of leaves?
  1. Analyze available 3d shapes in
  2. Hand in a hand drawn sketch of your 3 robot heads, 3 bodies, and 3 feet, that will each have at least 3 parts to them.
  3. Extra credit. Sign in to your school account for Khan academy (go to and complete the lesson on combinatorics on your own time.

There will be a quiz on 3d design code on Wednesday.

  • Analyze parameters of different shapes.
16 Name 2 materials other than plastic that can be used in 3d printing.
  1. Look at a 3d house that can printed in a day and a self building 3d printed bridge.
  2. Learn how combinatorics is used to create a variety of parts.
  3. Design 3 robot heads, bodies, and feet, each as a different function using parameters.
  • Describe applications of 3d printing.
  • Design interchangable parts
15 Which do you think is more complicated for a 3d printer, the software or the hardware and why?
  1. In OneNote answer questions about Current Events in 3d printing in your Unit 3 Physical Computing section.
  2. Fill out this form to vote for your favorite 3d designs to print and for points.
  3. YOU CAN STILL UPLOAD YOUR STL files today to your page in OneNote for full credit: flower, snowflake, original and forest.
  • Describe innovations in 3d printing
  • Select items to be printed.
14 π How does a 3d printer print?
  1. Discuss how 3d printers work. What is the software/hardware involved.
  2. Vote for the best snowflakes to print (look on Handout drive)
  3. Vote for best original designs to print
  4. Put the actual STL code for your flower, snowflake, original and forest onto your original 3d design page clearly labeled.
  • Post screenshots and 3d files of completed projects.
13 How is calling a function different from defining a function?
  1. Review the rubric for the trees and forest project.
  2. Review answers to how to make any size hollow box. On the back write down these offsets.
  3. Put a screenshot of your forest and code in OneNote 3d forest after checking the rubric for the project.
  4. Put the actual STL code for your flower, snowflake, original and forest onto your original 3d design page clearly labeled.
  • Complete projects
12 What is a parameter? (example tree height)
  1. Discuss the power of variables. Figure out how to make any size hollow box.
  2. Add an offset variable to your tree (knot in the trunk, bird, branch, roots, fruit, etc.)
  • Calculate offset values for 3d code
  • Create code with functions, parameters, random, loops and calculated values
9 What is a function?
  1. Look at random features (demonstration of the provided Examples in BlocksCAD3d to show how the fish uses functions, how easy it is to change eye color, how the know from parametric equations that makes changes to color and how the math.random block allows you to pick a random value for x,y,z,height, or even RGB color)
  2. Create a forest with trees that randomly differ in at least 3 different ways in addition to location.
  • Code with functions, parameters and random
8 Why are computers better at repetition than people?
  1. Discover the value of functions in code.
  2. Complete original 3d designs and put the screenshots in the Collaborative 3d design space in OneNote. Remember, you can finish during PRIDE time or at home if you run out of time in class.
  • Code with functions and parameters
7 Which way does the Z direction go?
  1. Presentation: additive and subtractive design.
  2. Finish original designs with >=6 parts and good levels of complexity. Put screenshots of only the objects in the Collaborative 3d Design page for your class period. (use the camera icon)
  • Enhance original 3d coded designs
6 What does a translate block do?
  1. Showcase 3d designs
  2. Create an original 3d design in, Make a chair with 4 legs and a back if you don't have a more complex idea.
  • Create original 3d coded designs
5 What 3 directions are in 3d?
  1. Why code 3d?
  2. Create an account in using your school email and pwd. Create a flower according to the directions and then make some modifications to make it original and more interesting while retaining the reality of a flower. Paste a screenshot into OneNote 3d code intro. Add a flowerpot for a bonus. 
  3. Create a snowflake using these directions. Add additional details and features. Best designs will be printed. Paste a screenshot onto your OneNote 3d code intro page
  • Create 3d designs with code.
2 school cancelled for severe weather
1 If int q=17; What is q/=3? Post Test
  • County requirement
28 What interface do all Listeners implement?
  1. GUI and Java review in OneNote. View the answers here to get all the points to go towards your post test grade.
  • Provide summaries of concepts learned to date
27 How is a solid state storage device different from a mechanical storage device?
  1. Quiz on IoT, computers and circuits
  2. GUI and Java review
  • Answer questions about Java language
26 What must a search engine do BEFORE you search?
  1. Honors and AP
  2. Review work from last week for short quiz Tuesday. (see review notes on the collaboration space in OneNote)
  3. Review GUI for post test on 3/1
  • Make conenctions between search engines, computer storage and circuits.
  • Interpret code about frames, text fields, labels and other GUI elements

All classwork this week was in OneNote notebook.



Class Activities 

Objectives. SWBAT: 

Feb 23 

How is USB storage different from hard drive storage? 

If you didn't finish the notes from Wednesday 2/21, today is your last chance. 

Today: do the activity about how search engines work in Unit 3 physical computing 

 Describe how search engines work

Feb 22 

List the 4 processes that a computer must do 

Find out how different kinds of computer storage work: a hard drive, USB drive and cloud storage. Describe them with the similarities and differences on the How Storage Works Page in Unit 3 Physical Computing 

Describe kinds of computer storage 

Feb 21 


Visit the videos on this page and watch these 2: 

  1. What makes a computer a computer? 

  2. Circuits and logic. 

Answer the questions on your OneNote page in Unit 3 Physical Computing 

 Describe parts of a computer and how they are made of circuits


20 What was the first IoT device?
  1. Hand in yellow slips with a wide variety of IoT things you found online that you summarized in OneNote.
  2. Give presentations.
  • Share innovations with input, output and impact in the IoT
16 What is a difference between wifi and bluetooth?
  1. Intriguing IoT devices. and the first IoT device.
  2. Finish presentations.
  3. Give presentations today and Tuesday.
  • Describe early events in the IoT
  • Share innovations with input, output and impact in the IoT
15 Give 2 examples of inputs to something in the Internet of Things.
  1. Video: our watches and shoes might surf the net with the IoT.
  2. Share your presentation with
  3. Work on presentations
  • Share innovations with input, output and impact in the IoT
14 valentine day What is the Internet of Things?
  1. Finish the activity on Computing innovations with input and output in OneNote Collaborative space working with your group. Include the impacts of your technology.
  2. Create a 5 slide presentation individually or as a group on your chosen invention including: a picture, the problem it solves, how it works, the input and output, your suggestions for improvement and impacts
  • Identify computing innovations within a given field
  • For a given device, articulate the likely inputs and outputs
  • Suggest improvements to help a device better solve a specific problem

How does software interact with hardware?

  1. Video: the future and the Internet of Things
  2. Explore new innovations that combine hardware and software
  3. Do the activity on Computing innovations with input and output
  • Identify computing innovations within a given field
  • For a given device, articulate the likely inputs and outputs
  • Suggest improvements to help a device better solve a specific problem
12 List three questions you could ask to decide if an innovation is "ethical".
  1. Presentation: impacts of technology
  2. Watch the video on AI, read the article on GPS tracking, and research the impacts of either 3d printing or self driving cars to complete this worksheet
  • Describe detailed positive and negative impacts
9 What value is there in doing virtual experiments?
  1. Speed research. What new ways is technology changing education? VR, Immersive cultural exchange, holoportation
  2. Technology in the news. Report out and summarize.
  • Summarize current innovations in ed tech
8 How is virtual reality different from augmented reality? Look it up if you need to.
  1. Explore some possible futures in education. Discuss positive and negative aspects of each of these video talks in Class Notes OneNote Future Education:
  2. A virtual lab that will revolutionize science and
  3. The 100,000 student classroom
  • Compare positive and negative impacts of computing innovations.
7 What does opaque mean?
  1. Choose an article in Discover Magazine about current news in computer science and summarize the article in Onenote Class Notes. Summarize and cite the source of at least one other article you find on your own on a related topic and include a picture.
  • Report on current events in technology.
6 What equation generates a random number from 2 to 5?
  1. Quiz
  2. Finish Lab05 Press Your Luck. Here is the help and the rubric.
  • Demonstrate understanding of div, mod, random
5 Why are variables marked private?
  1. Grid Layout and the Press Your Luck program
  2. Review for quiz tomorrow. Do the random number page.
  • Use a gridlayout.
  • Program running totals, resets and maximums
2 What color are JLabels by default?
  1. Review yesterday's questions. Add information to your notebook.
  2. Work on Lab05 Press Your Luck. Here is the help and the rubric.
  • Use default values and options of GUI components.
  • Program using encapsulation.
1 What would happen if you clicked on a button that does not have a listener?
  1. Use the notes in Lab01: square root, Lab02: multibuttons, and Lab04: odometer to fill out this form. DUE TODAY.
  2. Finish Lab04 Odometer. Use video help if needed.
  3. Start Lab05 Press Your Luck. Here is the help.
  • Use random numbers in a game program in a GUI interface
January 2018
Date Warm-up Class Activities Objectives. SWBAT:
31 What is an odometer?
  1. Work together on Lab04 Odometer. Use video help if needed.
  2. Finish Hailstone programs.
  • Fill in code for interrelated classes
30 Is this an input statement or an output statement?
  1. Finish page 14 in your GUI notebook today.
  2. Start Lab04 Odometer. Here is some video help
  3. Finish your Hailstone number program by end of class tomorrow. Help each other!
  • Create interrelated classes.
29 What kind of variable do you get from box.getText()?
  1. Complete Exercises for Lab03 pg 14
  2. Complete the Hailstone project using the directions.
  • Use conditionals to determine if there is input in an inputbox.
26 What is 7 % 3?
  1. What is a Hailstone number?
  2. Do the first part of Problem #1 on the Exercises for Lab03 pg 14.
  3. Work on the Hailstone project. Check the directions.
  • Generate hailstone sequences
25 What is 7/3 in Java?
  1. Presentation: primitive data and math with modulus
  2. Start the Hailstone project together.
  • Use math with primitive variables

Go to first semeste
































random help help with lab 5

random exercises for lab 5

look at great examples of javascript houses and java mugs.

Repeat a fixed number of times
for ( var i = 0; i< limit ; i++){     statements; }
Math + - * / %
28 Why do you think there are different languages for coding?
  1. Take notes on Java : math, methods and OOP
  2. practice more math. math in loops. create a program using math i/o/p.
  • Use input/output/processing and loops in Java

How to use the Java API


use calendar14q3 Jan 13 onward

Program using different types of variables,math, integer division and mod.


math shortcuts


Quick interactives

put countdown and cheer programs in

for loops in java interactive notes page *** Friday

calendar13q4 has GUI as does calendar14q3.

quiz on java variables, types of variables i/o/if/loop/basic math. coach packet W3 quiz 1 offline
review for java test with video and notes



Java GUI

online textbook starts with AWT and goes to Swing


















Join the CodeHS class.

Work as a row team to draw out the flowchart that decides your morning personality