1)  There are at least five GUI components showing below.  Label them all.





2)  Describe a "string" in Computer Science.


3)  Describe a "double" in Computer Science.


4)  How do you get a string that is in a textField?


5)  How do you change that string into a double?


6)  How do you change a double into a string, as when you setText a numerical answer into a label?


7)  Define and/or explain every underlined term.:
double d   =   Double.parseDouble( textField.getText() );



Complete this scavenger hunt using the current on-line Java API.
8)  What is the lowest common ancestor of JButton, JLabel, and JTextField? _______________________
9)  How many methods does the ActionListener interface specify? _________________________
10)  What package is ActionEvent in? _________________________
11)  How many classes extend JButton? __________________
12)  How many constructors does JButton define? _________________________
13)  How many methods does JButton define? _________________________
14)  Write the code to instantiate a JTextField with "Enter name" in the field, and the field is 20 spaces wide.