Digital Electronics: Logic Gates - Integrated Circuits

Watch this 8 minute video and take notes. Digital Electronics: Logic Gates - Integrated Circuits Part 1.
(note: He's Irish, if the accent is hard to understand, turn on the CC Closed captions)

adn gate

What is a DIP? (or PDIP)

How is a SOIC chip the same and different from the chips we use?

The chip used in the video is a MM74HCT08
What does MM mean on the chip?

What does the 7408 mean?
What does the N mean?
What does HCT mean?

First thing you do after seating the chip on the breadboard is to wire pins ___ and ____ to ______ and ______

What 2 components are used as an indicator to show what the output of the circuit is?

What is the output on pin 3 of a 7408 chip when pins 1 and 2 are connected to power?

What is the only line on a truth table for an AND gate that has a high output?

The light didn't go on and off properly when the switches weren't connected to power because you need both power and ground.
Nothing is NOT the same as being connected to ground. Circuits must make a complete loop to work properly, so ever input should always be connected to power OR ground.

He used a SPST push button switch instead of a SPDT slide switch. Look up how each switch is wired and explain why only the SPDT switch can connect to both power and ground when the switch is moved, but the SPST button switch can only create a connection to either power or ground, not both.