Notes on 7 segment displays by _________________________ the segments a – g
What are the 2 configurations of 7-segment displays?


Write down at least 2 original 4-letter words (polite, G-rated words of course) that you could show on 7-segment displays. Show how they’d look on 7-segment displays.


What are the 3 things that happen to turn a LED light on?

  1. _____________________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________________
  3. _____________________________________________________

Draw a simple circuit that shows a common anode LED light when it is lighting up.
(IMPORTANT: a common anode LED already has power connected to it, if you want it to light up you have to connect the other end to ground)

what will be displayed on the common anode circuit above?


How is a common cathode LED different from the common anode one?

Draw the circuit to light up a common cathode LED

What will be displayed in this common cathode circuit?

Explain how to choose the right resistors for your 7-segment display circuit.

  1. Show how to wire the seven-segment displays shown below so that they will display your age. If you are 15, display a (1) on the common cathode display and a (5) on the common anode display.

Common Anode on left

Common Cathode on right