To remember Ohm's Law

The vulture looks down and sees the iguana and rabbit together

V = I * R

iguana rabbit

The iguana sees the vulture over the rabbit

I = V / R

The rabbit sees the vulture over the iguana

R = V / I

sometimes written E = I*R.
E stands for electromotive force (emf).
Think Eagle instead of vulture?

Try these equations:

  1. 15 volts are applied to a circuit having a resistance of 1 K ohm. How much current will flow? _____ Amps
  2. A resistor of 2,700 ohms has a current of 2 milliamps flowing through it. What is the applied voltage? _____ Volts
  3. A circuit has an applied voltage of 12 volts which causes 5 mAmps of current to flow. What is the circuit's resistance? _____ ohms
  4. A circuit with an applied voltage of 100 Volts and a resistance of 1,000 Ohms has how much current? _____ Amps
  5. A circuit which contains 100 Ohms resistance has a current of 2 Amperes. What is the applied voltage? ______
  6. With 5 Volts applied voltage and 50mAmps current flow, what is the circuit's resistance? _______