Can you put the code together by matching the code to the algorithm described in the comments?

Copy and paste the comments into a new JavaScript Graphics sandbox program, then copy and paste the code to match the comments.

Test your program, then put a screenshot of the output at the bottom of your Colorful Design page.


// This program draws some balloons

//Two global variables set the largest and smallest possible size of each balloon

//One global variable determines the total number of balloons

// Two global variables will hold values to show where each balloon is positioned

// One global variable will hold a value for the size of each individual balloon

// Two global variables will hold the position of the end of all strings 2/3 of the way down the center of the canvas

function start( ){

    // Repeat this code once for each balloon

    // pick a random balloon size

    // pick a random center location for a balloon
    // call the drawString function

    // call the drawBalloon function


function drawString(){

    // create a new line to the center of the balloon

   // make the string black

   // add the string to the picture

function drawBalloon(){
	  // create a circle for the balloon

    // pick a randome color for the balloon

    // add the balloon to the picture


var NUM_BALLOONS = 25;
var MIN_RADIUS = 20;
balloonRadius = Randomizer.nextInt(MIN_RADIUS,MAX_RADIUS);
var MAX_RADIUS = 40;
var string = new Line(stringX, stringY,centerX, centerY);
var centerX;
centerX = Randomizer.nextInt(getWidth()/6,getWidth()*5/6);
var centerY;
centerY = Randomizer.nextInt(getHeight()/6,getHeight()*2.5/6);
var balloon = new Circle(balloonRadius);
var balloonRadius;
balloon.setPosition(centerX, centerY);
var stringX = getWidth()/2;
var stringY = getHeight()*2/3;
for(var i=0;i<NUM_BALLOONS;i++){