Rubric for original Function and For Loop Project

  1. Work with an elbow partner, as assigned, to design a reasonably complex world with a solution that includes at least 3 functions and 2 for loops. Hand in a paper plan with a sketch of the world, description of the program and functions.
  2. Create your world in CodeHS ( Clever ). Create skeleton code with only comments and empty functions. Screen shot and place in OneNote :: Unit 2:: PRODUCT functions and for loops.


  Possible Points Your points
Submit paper plan with partner with sketch of world (before or after), explanation of the goal of the program, name and description of 3 functions. NO CODE! 6  
Screenshot skeleton code and put on OneNote page with function names and GOOD comments describing each function. NO CODE! 4  
Code the solution and paste as text on OneNote page 4  
Solution includes at least 3 well named functions and 2 useful FOR loops. Code uses good style: indentation, all code in functions, no unnecessary repeated code. 5  
Include a comment at the top of your program with your name and today's date. 1