Alien Message Board

/* Alien message board
 * Your program takes as input one message board post. A message board post has the following form:

UsernameWithNoSpaces - message that may be multiple words

Alien25 - ojag qey afoh aoh foghg ^^ ljjls ^^ lsjflsfj!
If there is a Martian swear word in the input, you want to flag the post and the user that posted it. Martian swear words are:

$ */

import java.util.Scanner;

public class Main {
 public static void main(String[] args){
   // Create the Scanner and read the line of input
   Scanner s = new Scanner(;
   System.out.println("Enter message board post:");
   String inputLine = s.nextLine();
   // initialize counter variables to count how many curse words

   // parse the string to get each "word" separated by blank spaces 
   // initially the word is blank, the first word you find will be the name
   String word = "";
   boolean first=true;
   String name="";

   // pick out each letter one at a time   
   for(int i=0;i<inputLine.length();i++){
      char letter = inputLine.charAt(i);

      // if this is the last letter, add it to the word
         word += letter;
       // if this is a complete word (letter is a blank space or it's the last letter)

            // if this is the first word it is the name 

            // you have a word, that's NOT the first word, test to see if it is a curse word
                // if it's a 3 letter word equal to "qey" increment that counter
                // if it's a 2 letter word equal to "^^" increment that counter
                // if it's a 1 letter word equal to "$" increment that counter
                // set the word back to "" 
       // otherwise add the letter to the current word
       else {
   // if all the counter variables equal 0
   else {
     System.out.println("qey: "+________);
     System.out.println("^^: "+__________);
     System.out.println("$: "+__________);