College CS degrees

Tomorrow we will have a professor from St. Mary's College come to talk with us. Look up the courses and requirements for doing CS, fill out this paper, and write down some questions at the end to ask our guest.
A bachelor's degree usually takes 4 years to get. You can choose to major in CS or get a minor.

Required Courses for a major (32 credit hours, 4 credits per course)
Describe what the focus is of each CS class in 12-20 words

Elective Courses (20 credit hours, 4 credits per course)
Choose Five of the following courses: which 5 would you pick and why? Read the descriptions, circle them and explain.

Capstone Experience

Degree Requirements for the Computer Science Minor

Required Courses (12 credit hours)

Elective Courses (12 credit hours)

Three of the following courses are required: Which 3 would you pick and why?

  • MATH 200: Discrete Mathematics (or MATH 281: Foundation of Mathematics)
  • COSC230: Computer Architecture
  • COSC 251: Programming Languages
  • COSC 301: Software Engineering I
  • COSC 335: Operating Systems
  • COSC 336: Computer Networks
  • COSC 338: Computer Graphics
  • COSC 370: Artificial Intelligence
  • COSC 420: Distributed and Parallel Computing
  • COSC 438: Game Design and Development
  • COSC 440: Theory of Computation
  • COSC 445: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • COSC 450: Database Management Systems
  • COSC 455: Graph Theory
  • COSC 480: Topics in Computer Science

Look up a bachelor of computer science degree at another college. Compare it to this.

What college/university? _____________________________________

How many courses in computer science are required to get a major? Are they 3 credit courses or 4 credit courses?

How many courses are very similar to the ones at St. Mary's? List them.



How many courses are different from the ones at St. Mary's? List at least 2.




How would you compare the information learned at one college compared to another as a CS major?